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Island of Gods

Also known as Bali.

I can’t wait to get here on New Years day.

My dad already booked a hotel + ticket to the tropical paradise I have been longing for!!

Anyway Bali is super famous city in my country even internationally. They are known for island of paradise.

Many people in the west fond of the hinduism culture in Bali. The exotic architecture, the peacefulness of the city, the people there I heard also tend to be very kind and most of all…

IS CHEAP . Thats why many foreigner love to go to Bali. Can enjoy luxury with small amount of money.
The city won an award by tripadvisor or something I don’t remember as the best destination to travel IN THE WORLD! Well.. That’s what I read correctly few years back in google or something.

The last time I was there was before COVID. I remember correctly I was invited by a very wealthy hotel entrepreneur who gone bankrupt now (LOL) due to pandemic. He paid for the expensive luxurious hotel and *ehem* seems interested to marry his son with me. But that’s all in the past.

No arrange marriage.

Oh fyi the hotel has private swimming pool EACH ROOM!!

He is falling into a lot of debt now and banks been confiscated his properties. So he is no more wealthy I guess. Poor guy.

Guess Money is not really a safety net.


My mom going to singapore in 3 days. She just came back from North America 2 months ago while I am stuck in this rotten city for one year Orz.

I am dying to travel ( ;___;)…
I miss Bali, I miss travelling, I miss to see different environments in my life.

Anyway.. I hope let me enjoy New Year 2023 better than the past covid years. Last year I end up having new year celebration on Endwalker instead. Such a sad new year celebration Orz but I finish main story quest.

My new year is in front of computer 💻😭

I am getting older and older every year. Hopefully wiser as well. Although I still make so much foolish mistakes no matter how old I am. (TT^TT)
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