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I got some wood!

Right after I wrote that blog entry yesterday about not having any luck with Cocobolo lumber, the "Kraken" Submarine broughtback 3 pieces of cocobolo lumber w(^_^)w Yaaay two more to go! Kraken had a decent haul, screen shot attached.

Once I get two more cocobolo lumbers, then the big project of upgrading my submarines will begin...To start with, I'm going to be building an exploration build of modified coelacanth pressure hull, modified unkiu stern, modified unkiu bow, and modified syldra bridge. This should give me over 220 surveillance at max level (240 if my sub is max level by then) and be able to unlock most sectors without a problem.
After I'm done unlocking the new routes, I will build a farming build and switch that set out.

The road ahead is still very very long!
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