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Checkmate! How I made some chess themed glamours.

Aurora here. I had a strange idea and though I would make a glamour project based around...chess pieces.

The general idea here was to find pieces of gear that evoke the 6 Pieces and their shapes in some form. For that I looked at some usual and unusual gear for the 7 roles.

First thing sfirst would eb the location. As it turns out the Vault had some chekced pflooring withinit shalls. The first and second boss rooms have suchpatters, but the hallway tot heright wound up having up to5actuall chessboard patterns ont he floor, 8x8 grids and all! So that was where I took the snapshots. I tried to pick an accurate square for the outfits inspiration, but they were all on one side and I think I might had mixed up the Royal pieces.

The Pawn (Striking and Scouting)

The Pawn is the first thing that spring to mind as it had a simple shape. I took inspiration from my "Belle in Teal" set which uses the Dirndl's Bodice, Quaintrelle's Ruffled Skirt and Skallic Shoes and added the Quaintrelle's Hat and a Viking Scarf. The last piece from the Belle glamour, the Dirndl's Wrist Torque was used for the striking set, but the [False Nails was used for scouting. Why the melees got stuck with the pawns is due to both them being frontline fighters and because most of the gear used was pretty generic allowing it to be slotted in once the rest of the roles had more specific pieces.

The Neo-Ishgardian Claws and Daggers were the weapons in the screens.

The King

The next outfits I put together represent the King and the Queen, Starting with the former, I used the Paragon's Crown, Armor of the Behemoth Queen (you read right) and the Legacy Warrior Breeches as filler. Despite the name, I paired the King with Maiming because of the Paragon's Crown matching the icon sued for the piece and because the lolDRG's reputation makes them as liable to being Checked as the King himself.

I used the Neo-Ishgardian Trident for the snapshots.

The Queen

Yaassss Queen! Ahem, sorry about that. The Queen set is rather similar, using the Behemoth King counterparts, the Ghost Barque Trousers of Fending and the Butcher's Crown. The pairing is due to the Queen being your most important piece, much as the Tank is the party's most valuable teammate (though healers would want to contest that), The Crown also likewise matches the icon commonly used for the Queen.

The weapon here is the Neo-Ishgardian Labrys.

The Knight

The Knight is unusual. Instead of being represented by a helmet, it is isntead represented by his steed, the noble horse. Thus I had to look for something similarly equine, fortunately Ranged DPS have access to the Robe of the Last Unicorn. Round out the rest of the glam are the Legacy Warrior Breeches, Pagos Circlet, Peacock Gloves, and Gordian Sabatons. The last one is to give a more knightly look. Another aspect the Knight is unusual in is the way it moves, namely that it is limited to an L shaped path, but that path is what allowed to, like those vested in Arrows, Firearms or Chakrams, snipe foes at range. That said I'd be remiss if I didn't mention hat it was due to convenience if anything.

The Neo-Ishgardian Longbow is used here.

The Rook

The Rook is rather limited as it faces the same problems the Astrologian Spire card did last time. Namely there are too few chestpieces that look like towers. Fortunately "too few" doesn't mean "none". For those of you that read my Blog about my AST card glams, you might recall the article on Aetherflow Media on the topic, and that the Gordian Gown of Casting and its Healer counterpart are the best suited chestpieces for the job. Also used are the false Nails and Legacy Warrior Breeches already mentioned, but also the Republican Signifer's Horns (despite clipping concerns) and the Bluespirit Greaves of Casting. Why Casters got Rook is simialr to Ranged DPS and Knight, they happened to have access to the few models that could evoke the look the best.

The depicted weapon is the Neo-Ishgardian Foil

The Bishop

Lost but not least is the Bishop. Using the Chimerical Felt Klobuk and Alb of Healing, the aft-mentioned Nails and Breeches and the Skallic Shoes. While this is a similar case to the last two, it was also an expected one considering how often healers windup being priest-like in most media.

The Neo-Ishgardian Cane is used here.

Color Scheme

For most of these pieces I went with either Soot Black or Snow White, as both were cheap and a monochrome scheme was best suited to a chess theme. With that said for the Nails and Wrist Torque, I didn't change the dye and thus they were left Ruby Red and Turquoise Blue respectively. I think they add a nice touch to the otherwise grayscale sets.

I tried to focus on the Black Pieces as such Soot Black was more used. However some pieces (Peacock Gloves, Legacy Warrior Breeches, Ghost Barque Trousers) were already black so I used Snow White for contrast. I also used Snow White on the Bluespirit Greaves and inverted the Ruffled Skirt on the Pawn sets.

While five of the sets were meant to represent black pieces, the remaining two instead represent white pieces. I dyed the weapons I used in the screenshots accordingly so the Cane, Foil, Daggers, Labrys and Longbow were dyed Black while the Claws and the Trident were instead White.

So these are my Chess-themed glams. Thank you for reading this blog.
Comments (4)

Lil Cairn

Masamune (Mana)

Cute Lalafell, me like!

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

I just finished watching Queen's Gambit on Netflix and I like your concept xD

Alganquinn Seers

Excalibur (Primal)

reminds me of no game no life. in some way

Winana Roche

Famfrit (Primal)

Love the Bishop one!
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