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The Eastern Sun & Westward Moon 7 | Side Story

Abel or rather what his current spelling was. Felt like his heart was about to leap from his chest. Even as he lay on the soft feathery bed in this stone walled room. His body felt hot, the memory of what she said in the hall still fresh in his mind.
"Mamodi said this room is all yours." Runa said clearly.
"Really...aren't you worred about-?"
"My wallet? don't worry about that I'm payed enough by the Sultiansguard. Even though I'm an in traning recruit. Madmodi's lax on us because we don't like living in the barracks." Runa replied back at him.
Abel stood scilent. He didn't really have words, just as he tried to say something she just smiled and waved as she left.
"Well see you tomarrow. If you need anything I'll be down the hall."
Abel was left without a word to speak. She just disappered down into the dim halls. Only able to reply in two words.
"Thank you..." he quietly said.
Back to where he was now. Here in the now he just layed on the bed looking at the ceiling. His mind swirlled just thinking. Just the thought of it was rather agonising.
'Congradulations Abel, you screwed up. But at least there's tomarrow.'
He felt somewhat gutted. But he still felt a feeling that felt like his heart was banging against his chest. That feeling that danced inside him. The feeling that danced inside his very chest what was it? Yet as he closed his eyes to sleep the night off that fell on him like a spell. He still held this question onto night into the dreams the fell his mind.

Waking up in this world. The monochrome land that he always saw. Cold white grass, ominous black trees, glowing sliver moon optructed by clowds. This was his dream always the same like a cloying cage it was like he never left home at all. It followed him like a ghost. Yet this time he saw nothing. There was nothing, it was quiet save for the crickets, and the owls, and the howl of a wolf. The sound making his blood freeze. Soon a whisper leaned in his ears.
"Hello Prince Abel..."
The voice was breathy and sounded like him. The same voice that mocked him. The voice that followed him since that day. Abel turned his body. Greeting him was a person that LOOKED like him SOUNDED like him. Only his face was covered by a mask made of pociline. Their fingernails black long and sharp. Their or rather 'HIS'presence felt like he (Abel) himself was standing there. Only it felt wrong, it felt eerie. It felt as though he was facing himself.
"What do you want...?" Abel's voice trembled.
"Oh just congradulating you. For finding someone that made your heart dance." The masked figure said.
"That's a lie isn't it?" Abel responded angerly.
The figure tilted his head. "My you're smart. Smarter than last time." He said malicsously, as he did he approched Abel. "Did that Apolloare teach you a little more than what you know?"
Abel backed away "More than enough to get my berrings." He said harshly to his double. "I don't need you. Let me live my life normally in peace here."
"Oh?" the figure raised "you don't need me you say?"
The figure aggressivly grabbed Abel harshly. Putting him in a lock grasping his arm and putting him behind his back.
"Let me riddle you this o' prince." He said stroking his neck with his cold nails. "I will always be with you. Because I was always apart of you. I was born into you the moment you were blessed in this world. That's because we are one."
"S...Shut up I said I don't need you! What good have you ever done to me?"
"Oh but you do need me. You need me because without me." The figure leaned into his ear. "You'd be worthless correct?"

As he said this Abel felt his body ripple. His arms, his legs, his ears, and even his back became shocked with pain. Almost as if his flesh were being stripped from his body. His entire body felt as though he was being boiled alive. He wanted it to end for someone to wake him up. Oh how he longed for that but it continued. Until it ended the figure being clipped. Him relesing his grip on Abel. As he fell to the ground his chest heaving his body aching his arms covered in pinons that were pure white. Turning his attention he saw a white wolf his body crackling in dark lighting. Part of his mane was braided ending with beads and feathers.
"Tch you again. I'll have you know this is my host! Why are you keeping me?" The figure questioned.
The only responce he recived was the wolf's eyes narrowing. Letting him relent. Almost as it was telling him something to a tune.
"Fine then Raijin. If so you say it is not my time yet then I'll wait. I'll wait until the end where I'll take him back. Take back my destiny." The figure said cunningly "but know this you're only prolonging my rage. Your end of this world. Neither of us will live in peace." He then disappered as if he was naught but dust in the darkness.
As Abel lay on the cold grass his eyes and vision growing blurred into a muddled blob. The wolf morphed into a bipedial figure of a man. It's white coat replaced with a green robe. That draped itself over a pair of black pants and leather shoes. Short brown hair with a short braid weaved on one side. With pale skin that framed a pair of eyes like his. This new figure chrouched beside him. Placing his cold hand on his shoulder before speaking.
"There is no need to fear. I am here if needed I will lend you my power like last time. Hand in hand with you." It said calmly and nicely.
These words were the last thing he heard his eyes falling into darkness again. Opening them back to the stone room of the Quicksand. In a breathless shock.

It was morning it was bright and the sun was not too high. It was time to greet the downstairs with kindness. To welcome it like the new say it was. Getting dressed in his clothes, and tieing his hair up. Opening his door looking around. Heading down the Hall to were Runa's room was he knocked only to realise it was locked. He wasn't really sure what this ment. But maybe Mamodi did. Heading down to the ground floor. He wasn't sure what to talk about. But maybe she had something to give. As he made it down. Mamodi spoted him.
"Ah good morning! Able was it right?" She questioned kindly.
"Uh yes though between you and I. My name is spelt with the L and E swapped." Abel reponded back to her.
"Is it now? Well it's pronounced the same so not much of a difference right?"
"I suppose..." Abel said back to the propiertous. "Um by the by where's Runa?"
Mamodi turned her body towards him as he poured a cold drink. "Oh Caliburn? She left with her friend and cousin a while ago in the early morning. They have morning duties most of the time."
"Oh..." Abel responded disapponedly.
"Don't be too glum young man. They'll stop by some time in the afternoon before returning later." Mamodi said sympatheicly. "Here come have a seat you must be peckish right?"
Abel nodded kindly "I am feeling rather hungery."
Mamodi handed him something in wax paper of what looked like a pastry. He was positive he saw this before. "A party leader asked to use the kitchen and made some of these. There was some leftovers so I wanted to hand them off before they got stale."
Abel took up and bit into it. It was apple and it was sweet. He remembered that day. The last memory he had with his friends a day before his birthday. Still he was glad things like this were still around. Mamodi looked at him conserned.
"Young man are you okay?" She questioned
Abel stopped eating "n-no I'm fine. Just had a bit of nostalgia."
"If you say so then." Mamodi said with a sigh.

Still through it he still held that world. He felt as though he was distant isolated this small world. Where he didn't know anyone. He didn't see anyone he knew he didn't know anyone here. Still he felt he was isolated, and alone. Mamodi then spoke up as if to change subjects.
"You're pennyless right?"
"pennyless, jobless, no gil to you correct?" She said to him.
"Well uh no. I don't have a pouch on me." Abel responded nervously in kind.
"I see then" Mamodi placed her chubby small hand on the counter of the guild. "Tell you what Abel. How about working here as a server."
"You serve drinks and food to the patrons around the Quicksand. In exchange I'll give you money, and give you a place to stay free of charge. Sounds like a deal yes?" She proposed.
Abel let this sink in. For his entire life he was the one being served, but it seemed like somewhat of a chore. Tris told him about how much some of his servants felt like they were going through all seven Hells. Just thinking about made him shiver. he didn't even have a clue on how to do it.
"That sounds good, but I don't know how to do that." He reponded kindly if nervously.
"Don't worry I'll teach you it's serprisingly simple really." Mamodi said kindly. "I'm surprised you don't know how to do that. Were you born an aroistocrat or something?"
Abel froze it was like he was seen through to his core. He wasn't sure if she was being true or just taking shots in the dark. In responce he just responeded back.
"N-No I'm just really incompitent." He said nervously.
Mamodi raised an eyebrow before chuckling "figured it'd be that."
Abel breathed a sigh of relief at least he wasn't found out that he WAS a prince. An anichent one but still.
"So are you still up for it?"
Abel paused for a moment. "If it means staying around, sure."
"Then congradulations, but first things first." She said grabbing an apron and a bucket full of water and soap. "We need to start cleaning the tables."

Abel looked back at the circle in the middle. Filled with the tables that were there. He felt a bit of a twitch in him. But this is what he signed up for, work in excange for a bed and money. He didn't really want to do it, but he decided to do so. More for survival and the will to live to live the life he wanted to. Freedom ment work, and the will to find a place to stay. To live to become the person he wanted to be. Picking up the apron putting it on, and the bucket.
"Right away ma'am!" He chimed in kind. Through that hour he cleaned. He lived.
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Cleopatra Huntre'moon

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Great read Runa

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Great reads love yus yus

Mahdi Draaken

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nice work!
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