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Caya Becomes a Teacher!

Caya has encountered a group of novice adventurers who are dipping their toes into the realm of Eorzea! This is exciting to me as I am a teacher, and I had always hoped that Caya might share her adventuring expertise with a group of sprouts!

Even more exciting is that these newcomers to Eorzea are former students of mine, and now they are students of Cayaya Caya! Things really do come full circle...

I have relayed to Caya to be gentle with these new adventurers as Eorzea can be such an intimidating place for one brand new to the art of adventuring, and while she assures me that she will be careful I have spied her ferrying these novices around in her Regalia Type-G, skirting dangerously close to some precarious foes!

That said, she seems excited to share her adventuring wisdom with them, and they're excited to travel with her. Caya is being careful not to spoil the journey for them, because you only get to experience the wonders of Eorzea for the very first time once... and these new adventurers are in for an amazing journey!
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Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

Teach me your ways, o' wise one.
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