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Memoir part 6

i had always spent much of money into ffxiv little tho i had because ffxiv meant something to me an was dear to my heart.
i made it thru 9 long years of good and bad times.. but i shall always keep the good ones closest to my heart.
FFXIV has seen its days an so have i we have both grown old together and its about time i put down the pen now and close this book.
what truly made it special to me was the fact i was never alone an always had something to do but those days have come and they have gone to me FFXiV has found itself in a bit of a pickle a with a divided community, and an endless uninteresting cycle of repetition vs what made everything possible and what made it create so many memorable memories in the hearts of those who love it.
i am sad that it is become like this but its not something i can control an just have to let nature run its course for better or for worse.
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