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Calm before the new expansion

You know it's time for more new stuff when I reach the point I am catching fish for achievements!

1143/1181 fish caught now, so got the shiny achievement rod before Endwalker. Using Carbuncle Plushy's tracker site, and the Ocean Fishing tracker were a huge amount of help. Now I'm down to ones that have really limited windows, so if one is up, I'll give it a go, but not killing myself trying to cap.

I am only missing 3 minions now: Heavensward OST bard minion which is impossible to obtain, and 2 from Feast I can't be bothered to grind. Even with this little to do, I can't bring myself to do more PvP. I did a tiny bit of queuing but the wait times seem to vary a wild amount.

After years of doing it weekly I finally got 3 lines in Wondrous Tails. I'll save the gold scroll thing for Endwalker in case it's an easy lvl 90 chest.

Got full level 70 gear sets for Sage and Reaper ready, and all the 80s are set with relics. GIVE MY THE EXPANSION ALREADY PLEASE!
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Carbuncle Plushy

Balmung (Crystal)

So close to completing the fishing log! I'm wishing you lots of luck on those last few troublesome ones!
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