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So I found out about the Lalachievements site and it has swallowed my soul.

I have 449\449 minions. There's technically 450 now if you bought the JP version of the newest artbook, stuck waiting on the NA version for that. I'm in 1st place for Faerie as the only player on the server with EVERY minion. There's 15 of us globally. I really need to run into some of these players to /fistbump.

I have 196 mounts. I'm a day away from getting the last mount out of island sanctuary I need, then it is back to grinding away at the crafting\gathering 500k points dactl... the gathering is horrendously slow. 99/99 totems on the last 2 ex trials. 5th place on the server, but I won't be able to climb too much higher since there's so many unobtainable Feast reward mounts I never did. Really wish they'd bring them back around eventually.

Chasing achievement points is keeping me pretty entertained. I'm in 9th place currently on the server. I've been grinding out all the PotD weapons, Eureka weapons, and leve quest achievements mostly to boost my total this month.

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Zolmation Volt

Sargatanas [Aether]

Love lalaachievements
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