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Hyperion (Primal)

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The truth about "Truth of Oceans"

The truth behind the ability "Truth of Oceans" is that it let you have a chance of catching a creature lurking in the shadows. There will be 4 messages pop while spearfishing and then a special node will pop up in a certain direction. I will use my own personal experience as an example. The following messages is what i received while spearfishing at The Kobayashi Maru spearfishing area for sea lamps with a small gig head but only popped up when i was getting bashful batfish.

#1 With the bashful batfish caught, you sense further movement in the shadows.

#2 With the bashful batfish caught, the swimming shadows intensify.

#3 With the bashful batfish caught, the swimming shadows begin to take shape!

#4 The shadow of an elusive sea creature lurks somewhere nearby!

Then it tells you which direction the node has appeared with: "You sense a level 70 swimming shadows to the "direction inserted here.""

You can force it to progress at a faster pace by using the other ability "Veteran Trade(Lvl 63)" when a sea lamp is the first to pop on a node that will make it so you don't catch the sea lamps for the remainder hits of that node. Makes it easier to get bashful batfish that way. Remember, use the "Small Gig Head" up to this point. Once the "Swimming Shadows" node is up switch to a "Large Gig Head" and head over to it. Use the ability "Nature's Bounty (Lvl. 69) to help catch a bigger fish. Surprise!!! Maybe you just caught something real nice. Or maybe not. Just keep at it b/c i promise there is something real nice there in the shadows that you are gonna want.

If you know of a different location that had the same type of messages shown for the bashful batfish then please leave a comment letting everyone know where and what gig head so we can try it too. TY for reading. GL and Happy Hunting out there. /wave
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Nyte Lyte

Hyperion (Primal)

There's another place like this but for a red scrip turn-in. found it on this website

Silken Sunfish
Truth of Oceans - Large Gig Head
Catch 10 Mercenary Crabs for the Swimming Shadows node to pop(which i verified myself with a normal gig head.)
Loch Seld Central Lakebed location

Collectability: Base = 767-867 ; Bonus 1 = 868-883 ; Bonus 2 = 884-Higher

Nyte Lyte

Hyperion (Primal)

Dafangshi (Lvl68 FSH Quest)
Truth of Oceans - Large Gig Head
Catch 10-11 Ichthyosaur for the Swimming Shadows node to pop for a try @ Dafangshi
Sunken Junk, Yanxia (10,34)

Trevoni Ysera

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thank you so much for this. I've been looking everywhere for info on how this works, as well as how to find the Silken Sunfish.

This comment has been deleted.

Eana Deva

Phoenix (Light)

Azim Steppes, Azim Khaat Eastern Lakebed
Large Gig
Catch Glaring Perch for the Shadows to appear
I caught Glaring Perch and Flamefish there.

Tarra Netsky

Behemoth (Primal)

Jeez the Silken Sunfish is not worth it, takes ages to gather 10 grabs. Spent an hour just trying to get the crabs and only managed to get 3. I'll stick with the Mitsuriku Sharks you can get from finding Bashful Batfish. Much easier to spawn and still gives a good chunk of exp for collectibles (especially bonus 2)

Aeryn Baldesion

Cactuar (Aether)


It's doesn't actually take that long, and the amount of experience you get catching the fish + the potential experience you get if you get high enough collectibility to turn in (especially when it's starred, it's between 800k and 1.2mill), it can be quite worth it! Take plenty of cordials with you, Veteran Trade either the Rock Oyster or Salt Shark! So far when doing that I'm pretty guaranteed to get one Mercenary Crap per node.

Jane Chatwin

Lamia (Primal)

Do you guys know if there is some sorts of "cooldown" to pop the swimming shadows the second time right after you got one? The first time to pop the swimming shadows was just silky smooth. But when I tried to pop it the second time, the fish needed to pop it just wouldn't show.
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