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Spoiler: The Rising Event 2022

I started an alt as a gladiator a few month ago so that I could experience what the starting scene/story is like in Ul'dah. I had no idea that this experience will come in handy for this year's Rising event. It was very nostalgic and love the play through.

I knew Yoshi-P will say something in-game, but I didn't expect him to drop a surprisingly cryptic remark:

"Like an adventurer's journey, the world is constantly moving towards the unknown, and it takes considerable courage to alter course. Yet I ardently believe that it is a small-but-significant step in our quest to create new adventures. Indeed, another great change is about to visit the world, and it shall open the way to exciting new journeys. And 'tis our abiding hope that our journey together shall ever continue on, to the distant horizon and beyond."

I am not sure what to expect. It is a bit apprehensive and exciting at the same time, but as long as none of the Scions get killed, I am OK with it.

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