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Spoilers, do not read if not through current patch

The fall of the Garlean Empire and perhaps a new dawn of cooperation and understanding across the realm? My thoughts and musings.

There was no great war, but in the end the Garlean Empire is gone. Through the Ascian creation of the Telophoroi, and the primals it spawned, the once great Magitek Empire defeats itself in civil war. The very problem they tried to conquer Eorzea and Othard for, became the very thing many of them turned to in the end. The invasion by Eastern and Western alliances in their Islabard Contingent quickly became a liberation mission. Garlean citizens fleed the tempering and violence of the Anima-thralled Telophoroi find their sworn enemy ready and willing to take them in and share supplies as well as the magical cure for tempering.

I never thought the conflict would end this way, I imagined legions of Imperial troops and Magitek machinations of all kinds meeting the Eorzean and Eastern Alliances at full force in a near world war. The Lominsan Malestrom navy and gangs of pirates teaming up with the Ruby Sea Confederacy to battle the Garlean navy. The Immortal Flames and Twin Adder forces along with General Raubahn's Ala Mighan army making a ground assault from the west as Shinobi and Samurai from Doma and the tribes of the Azim Steppe attack from the east; to meet Garlean foot soldiers and mechanized infantry. Then lets not forget the air support of Ishgard and Dravania. The non-humanoid tribes, no longer tempered by primals thanks to the cure discovered in the First Reflection also joining the fight. Members of the Scions all over leading the war effort from all directions. What a great and bloody war that could have been.

But now the great Empire is fallen and the Ascians influence with it. Of course now even the Ascians know, as we found out in Elpis, that if they awoken Zodiark to reunite the shards then the Endsinger would have been able to end all existence on Ethyris.

With the twins heading the Garlean aid mission the former Empire couldn't be in better hands as it tries to at least become a nation once again. And hopefully a new powerful ally for the future. Still there is a much bigger world around us to explore and the potential for bigger threats to it. And with a perhaps budding new partnership of technology and magick, there may be nowhere on this star we can't explore!
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