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Veridian Shadow 5: Trouble in Kholusia

Klaus arrived in the Ocular catching his breath after running.

“Sorry I’m late I met a dancer from Eulmore and...ohh Kawina glad your better.”said Klaus smiling at her.

“Thank you Klaus oh Exarch what did you want us for?”said Kawina asking him in a shy tone.

The Exarch got a little serious and turned to the crystal mirror. Marlana looked at the mirror too.

“Well first I’ll explain your condition to Klaus then the situation in Kholusia.”said The Exarch turning back towards the group.

Kawina looked down and twiddled her thumbs. Klaus looked at Kawina concerned.

“You see Klaus Kawina’ seal the Zerius Seal showed up after the Flood happened and whenever she’s cornered by a sin eater or a horde it activates from her emotions.”said The Exarch looking at Kawina concerned.

Kawina looked sadden and looks at her seal.

“However, she has full hidden potential and massive aether that when she trains she’ll learn how to use her magic and seal to fullest. I believe in her.” said Marlana petting Kawina head.

Kawina looked up and smiled at her teacher and Klaus. The Exarch smiled back.

“Which is why I wanna ask you Klaus if you could teach her too since you have a seal of your own.”said The Exarch smiling at Klaus.

Klaus looked surprised at the question and looked at Kawina.

“Why didn’t you say so of course I would teach Kawina but, I haven’t trained anyone before and..”said Klaus smiling at Kawina.

“I’ll help you and Kawina too.”said Marlana smiling at Klaus.

Klaus grinned and smiled at Kawina. She smiled at Klaus as well with tears in her eyes.

“Thank you both ‘sniff’”said Kawina wiping her tears.

Klaus gave Kawina a thumbs up and smiled. Marlana smiles warmly at her.

“All good now but, as for the situation in Kholusia. Luxius is in danger.”said The Exarch explaining.

Klaus, Kawina and Marlana were shocked by this.

“Oh my Luxius no!”said Marlana worried.

“Ohh cheesecake! we gotta go there now and help him!!”said Klaus looking serious.

“Yeah let’s go him!”said Kawina serious as well.

The Exarch reached out and others looked back at him.

“Be careful and Klaus..”said The Exarch looks at Klaus.

Klaus looked at Exarch with a wondering look.

“I need to speak to you alone for a minute.”said The Exarch.

Klaus stopped then looked at Kawina and Marlana.

“Will wait for you outside.”said Marlana smiling at Klaus as she walked out.

Kawina smiled at Klaus and walks out the crystal door. Now it was just Klaus and the Exarch.

“Is something wrong Mister Exarch?”said Klaus asking him.

“No but, listen I looked at the mirror and saw you were talking to lady from Eulmore.”said The Exarch.

Klaus was shocked and looked around.

“Wait you know Lillia?”said Klaus surprised asking Exarch.

“Yes she used to live the Crystarium and gave everyone entertainment and happiness with her dancing. She’s also shy and stage frightened after that but, recently she moved to Eulmore to see if her parents only to find out....”said the Exarch looking down.

“What happened to Lillia’s parents?”said Klaus asking Exarch concerned.

“They’ve been killed by sin eaters and resources say that Vaultry kicked them out and sent his ‘pets’ to feast on their aether.”said The Exarch looking serious under his hood.

Klaus got shocked and looked down in a serious look. The Exarch placed his hand on Klaus’ shoulder.

“Don’t worry go save your voidsent friend first then head to Eulmore to save her.”said The Exarch smiling at Klaus.

Klaus looked up at Exarch and nodded with a smile.

“I will Mister Exarch.”said Klaus.

“Oh another thing protect Kawina.”said The Exarch.

Klaus nodded then went to the door and opened it to meet Kawina and Marlana.

Outside of the Ocular.

Kawina and Marlana were waiting for Klaus. He looked at the two and smiled.

“I’m ready to go.”said Klaus.

“Okie dokie I’ll open a portal there.”said Marlana summoning a portal.

Marlana summoned a blue portal made of aether. Klaus was amazed and so was Kawina. Marlana smiles under her mask and guides them to the portal. Klaus, Kawina and Marlana went into the portal to Kholusia.

In Kholusia.

Luxius held his gunblade and was down with one knee on the ground. The dwarven knight floated in the sky looking down at Luxius.

“(Aww voidberries he’s strong but, something’s off....)”said Luxius in his mind looking at the dwarven knight.

The dwarven knight held his katana up and begins channeling light aether. Luxius got up and held his gunblade upwards pointing at the knight.

On the mountains.

Isler and Poiseia looked at their the dwarven knight friend.

“Should we stop him milady?”said Isler crossing his arms.

Poiseia kept her fan close to her and looked down at Luxius with a glare. She looked at Isler with little smirk.

“Hmm lets see how our new target down there stops him.”said Poiseia fanning herself with the fan.

Suddenly, a portal opened up right by the dwarven knight. The dwarven knight was puzzled by it sudden appearance. Klaus, Kawina and Marlana fell from the portal and to the ground where Luxius is. Klaus fell onto Marlana lap and Kawina fell on Klaus’ head hugging him.

“Oww that umm...Kawina?”said Marlana puzzled.

“Huh?”said Kawina wondering.

Marlana smiled warmly and pointed at Klaus. He was hugging her stomach by accident.

“ ‘muffled” cheesecake sorry Kawina.”said Klaus muffled.

Kawina blushed and let’s go of Klaus. He fell to the ground. Marlana giggled and so did Kawina. Luxius looked very confused at Klaus.

“Klaus? Is that you friend?”said Luxius asking him.

“Yep buddy the one and only...cheesecake oof.”said Klaus getting up and stretching.

Klaus and Luxius gave each other a fist bump. Klaus smiled at Luxius and he did the same. The dwarven knight without warning, unleashed light aetherial slash waves Klaus and the others. Marlana looked up and with quick movement, she summoned a pink carbuncle.

“Now Kirbui!”said Marlana commanding the pink carbuncle.

Kirbui chirped and released a magic aetherial barrier around herself and the others. The aetherial slashes exploded as they made contact. Klaus and Luxius were gone as the smoke cleared. The two of them were outside of the barrier and Klaus was in his eikon seal state. The dwarven knight summoned an corrupted light katana with a blue crystal eye on it.

“Two katanas?!”said Luxius surprised.

Isler was shocked about this. Poiseia closed her fan and teleported. The dwarven knight rushed with massive force until....

“Ok Sinro sweetie that’s quite it for now.”said Poiseia appeared in front of Klaus and Luxius.

Sinro stopped and dispelled his second katana and puts the other one back in its pouch. Isler crashed on the ground and looked at Klaus and the others.

“I’m sorry we’re gonna have to cut y’all’s fight short.”said Poiseia smiling at Klaus and the others.

“Lord Vaultry has called us to come back for something...urgent .”said Isler crossing his arms.

“(Oh no don’t tell me..)”said Marlana in her thoughts worried.

Poiseia pets Sinro’ head and looks at Klaus and the others.

“Oh by the way their are more of us.”said Poiseia giving a little smile and holding her fan.

“More of you wait what are you people?”said Klaus asking Poiseia.

Poiseia rolled up her sleeve and showed a dark red butterfly seal on her arm. Marlana covered her mouth in shock. Klaus, Luxius and Kawina were shocked as well.

“We are the Ephemeral Knights.”said Poiseia revealing the name.

“Their are 10 of us and not only that but, we are the highest and strongest soldiers in Eulmore.”said Isler showing his arm as well.

Isler’s mark was shaped like a double edge sword. Klaus looked at the three knights in a serious look.

“(So these three and the other knights is what Clue warned me about.)”said Klaus in his thoughts looking serious.

Poiseia, Isler and Sinro turned towards a big city by the ocean then teleported instantly. Klaus and the others looked at the city as well.

“Is that?”said Klaus looking at the city.

“Yes that is Eulmore the city of paradise.”said Marlana revealing the cities name.

Suddenly, they saw a powerful fire spell erupting from what looks like a balcony on the side of Eulmore. Klaus and the others saw a person flying. Marlana and Kawina covered their mouth in shock and sorrow. Luxius was shocked as well. Klaus looked at the person closely and his eyes widened at who it was.

“(Nooooo!!)”said Klaus in his mind angry.

Lillia was bruised all over and had burns badly on her back plus. Klaus flew up fast and used a water healing spell to catch her. Lillia was saved but, she was in horror and shock then clinged to Klaus in tears. Klaus looked at the balcony closely and saw 7 people in different clothes. The Ephemeral knights and one of them walked away after hurting Lillia. Klaus looked at the knights and his eikon seal marks scattered on his body turning red with rage.

“Those knights are gonna pay...”said Klaus silently angry in Eikonic Rage.

To Be Continued.
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Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

good chapter klaus!

Klaus Veridian

Malboro (Crystal)

Thank you Mahdi
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