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Active Hours
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12:00 24:00
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Data Center




#High-end Duties
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
100+ member Discord community & CWLS that runs old and new Savage/Ex/Unreal content daily! We are open to beginners as well as veterans, and have a few static groups formed, with more on the way!

If you are looking to run anything specific, we have a requests channel as well, so feel free to request any content. Our raid leaders have been running all of the following and are happy to do Learning/Farming parties:

All HW Ex Trials
All Stormblood Ex Trials
All Shadowbringers Ex Trials (up to and including Emerald Weapon)
All Alexander Raids
All Omega Raids
All Eden Raids from E1S-E8S (We are working on learning E9S well enough to begin teaching it soon!)
Titan Unreal

We also have weekly Map parties and sometimes set up Bozja runs as well.

We would love to have you join! Please reach out to Nicky Nocturne@Famfrit or message Alan Lane#1044 on Discord for an invite.

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Nicky NocturneFamfrit (Primal)



Devious VillinUltros (Primal)

Interested in joining


Community Member Nicky NocturneFamfrit (Primal)

sure thing! could you either add me on discord @ Alan Lane#1044 or share your discord?

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Anroak Cloud-tailExodus (Primal)

I'd like to join, but I haven't been able to get in contact with either Nicky in-game on Alan on Discord


Community Member Nicky NocturneFamfrit (Primal)

Hm, that's weird - would you be able to give me your discord name? I can try to add you.
also my Discord name is case sensitive / need to include the space. You should be able to copy/paste Alan Lane#1044 and it will work.

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500

(Edited)  -
This comment has been deleted.

Bigg DieselBehemoth (Primal)

I would love to join


Community Member Nicky NocturneFamfrit (Primal)

awesome, can you let me know your Discord name?

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Nicky NocturneFamfrit (Primal)

If you are not able to contact me/if I am not online, you can alternatively contact the following: Sapphire Devereaux@Famfrit and Andalusite Crystalsky@Famfrit


Kazi KoonFamfrit (Primal)

Im interested in joining, discord is Kazicoon#8846 if you have trouble contacting me


Dathka GraushLeviathan (Primal)

Hey I'm interested in joining I have so much content I want to do but only have one friend on there so it's hard for me to get stuff done


Community Member Batu DepiusUltros (Primal)

I'm interested in joining, if you'll have me! Discord is Zestea#1443


Leo StormMidgardsormr (Aether)

id like to join, plz add me :) Leostorm#3829


Jonzie YukiBehemoth (Primal)

I'd like to join, jinxlove#8910


Avalan CelesteExodus (Primal)

I'm interested if you would have me :D


Amon SordellExodus (Primal)

I would love to join. Prophet Onyx#5192


Vyn VaynCactuar (Aether)

Do you have members active after 1am PST? Blackbird#6516


Caed SnowBehemoth (Primal)

I am interested in joining. Caed#8214


Hidden RelicLamia (Primal)

im looking to join, InverseRelic#2371


Relloon NitsahFamfrit (Primal)

I'm interested in joining, sent a discord friend request


Hesse NauraeLamia (Primal)

Hi, I'm interested in your discord. Mine is Hesse#9715, feel free to add me anytime :)


Nogoodnames LeftBehemoth (Primal)

I would love to join too, i came back 2 months ago, casual but interested in end game content, im online 12-15hrs a day no afk, i am available from (8:30am-1:00am US Eastern time)I can do whatever.

(Edited)  -

Ell NightwalkerHyperion (Primal)

Came back from a long break. High-end content player. Need CWLS


Dia FalkLeviathan (Primal)

Hi there, I am interested in joining! I messaged you in discord under the name AquaKnight! :)


Sky MistwalkerBehemoth (Primal)

Hello I am interested in joining my discord name is the same as my in game name.


Ayame KawanamiFamfrit (Primal)

I'm interested in joining
Doctor Kaizo#1197

(Edited)  -

Lady AntionetteUltros (Primal)

are you guys still recruiting?? I tried to message on DC and in game but wasnt able to reach you all would love to join an active populated FC my DC is


Skyer AsesinoUltros (Primal)

Hiya, could I possibly join? My discord is Zepherl#0001 :)


Yufie MagakeFamfrit (Primal)

Hi, I would love to join the linkshell if you are still recruiting. Yufie Locke @ Famfrit.


Calduran LionheartHyperion (Primal)

I would like to join this LS and discord as well


Achuja RyuBehemoth (Primal)

Id like to join the LS and Discord if you guys are still taking peeps in


Aletreaux BeaumontExcalibur (Primal)

Hey guys, looking for an invite to join! ButterWater#5795

This comment has been deleted.

Freya StormbirdLeviathan (Primal)

I'd love to join. Freya Stormbird#0632


Rika LakaisExcalibur (Primal)

May I join? Luxurika#6868


Asura RurkBehemoth (Primal)

I would love to join yall. Rurk#2219


Deezell PureplayerExcalibur (Primal)

Hey, I would like to join if y'all would have me. Deezell#3464


Eyla SparkleMateus (Crystal)

Hello I would like to join Eyla Kelo#2964


Papa MayonnaiseExodus (Primal)

Interested in Joining, sent friend request on discord, for some reason it wouldn't let me message -__-

(Edited)  -

Yua SteinerUltros (Primal)

Hello! I'm interested in joining, discord is baby#3772 tysm.


Orion KineBehemoth (Primal)

Please add me my discord is Orion#7324


Algera LeimognUltros (Primal)

I would love to join pls!

This comment has been deleted.

Chakito SenseiBehemoth (Primal)

Returning player as PALADIN. Been back for about 4 weeks now and just started working on E9S with PF pugs.

Looking for a perma-group to progress and take raiding somewhat serious while being chill/non-toxic. In other words take advantage of raid schedule to progress as much as possible!

Really love FFXIV and would like to use this last patch of SB as practice to go into Endwalker balls deep! :camera: - Discord -- Chakito#0008 -- Available Raid Times/Days - Monday to Thursday 9pm+ EST


Logubby KunFamfrit (Primal)

Hi, I would love to join. My discord is loguu#0757


Daker TargaryenBehemoth (Primal)

hi would love to Join. My discord is Grimmanuel#4218 ty


Sir CyrusLamia (Primal)

Hi! I would like to join :D discord is TziTzi-Kun#6811


Zephi Val'araLamia (Primal)

i want to join too! i really like the idea of revisiting some old content i never had the chance to try, discord: .zephi#7766


Dragon RajaLamia (Primal)

Hello o/,
Sort of new to the FF world. I have one 80 but I have to complete Shadowbringers. Looking for a FC that likes to do raids and high-end duties.


Marquise AndresLeviathan (Primal)

Can i get in ur fellowship Discord AnimeFreak?!#9512


Karzak ValaronUltros (Primal)

Would love to join you guys if you're still recruiting! I have minor savage experience (cleared E9S and E10S so far) and have sent a message to Alan lane. I hope to hear from you guys soon! My discord tag is Karzak#7126

(Edited)  -

My'ka MournleafBehemoth (Primal)

I'm interested in joining, I sent Alan a F request on discord. Lemon1990#9355


Gloxinia GreystoneLamia (Primal)

I wouldnt mind joining. My Discord is Feathers#0199


Valenciya MalastrynnExodus (Primal)

I would appreciate an invite, discord is Malastrynn#5688


Stemmz RagerFamfrit (Primal)

Hi there. Me and my girlfriend would like to join. I am @ Stemmz#2510 on discord


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