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Recruiting Providence Members



Active Hours
9:00 23:00
9:00 24:00
Active Members


Data Center


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#Community Focussed
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Player Events
Hey there and thanks for checking out the Providence recruitment page!

Providence isn't just an FC, we're a small community that love to chat and have fun together. If this sounds like your kind of thing, you clicked on the right ad!

About Us
A little background on us, Providence was one of the first FCs created on Twintania. We're a relatively small FC and we don't intend to become anything more than a medium-sized FC. We want to be able to value our members and in our eyes, FCs with too many members just aren't able to do that.

We also have a beautiful plot in Shirogane with our own private hotspring in the back! Even if you haven't reached Stormblood yet, not a problem, the FC house will still be available to you! We have easy Marketboard access as well as a variety of perks inside the FC house, such as crafter buffs, experience food or just bangers playing on the Orchestrion.

We regularly do content together and are currently scheduling a large variety of events to run on a weekly basis. Not level 80 yet? Nothing to fear, we also regularly do older content for things such as mounts or just some people to run your daily roulettes with. And if PvE isn't your thing there are plenty of crafters and gatherers in our FC. (Fun Fact: Yours truly scored at least double the points of any crafter on Twintania in the second phase of the Ishgard Reconstruction!) We often hang out outside of the game as well for a match of League or perhaps some Anime Music Quiz!

Providence is open to absolutely anyone. New or veteran, level 1 or level 80, fighter or crafter. We're here with you on your journey as the Warrior of Light and if you need help or if you have questions about the game you need only ask. All we ask from you is to respect the other members.

What We Offer
* Daily Buffs (Tier 3 (15%) buffs for the start of Endwalker)
* A Large Mansion in Shirogane with easy access to Marketboard, Retainers, Aesthetician and a variety of vendors
* A variety of events each week, including Level 80 Extreme trials, Min Item Level / No Echo Synced Trials, Mount runs and more
* Occasional giveaways (typically in-game items) for longer-term members
* A fun and engaging community, including new players
* Expert help and advice from experienced players

What We Expect
What we expect from you is some willingness to engage and interact with our community. Let's face it, every FC has their cliques, but that doesn't mean that you can't be part of the gang. Talk to us, engage with us and I can assure you we will welcome you with open arms.

Questions or interested in joining?
Do you have any questions right now? Drop a message down below, reach out to me in-game, Light Farron (Discord: Glanyx#0001), or one of our officers, Lhyna Melia (Discord: Lhyna#5540) / Excelion Sky (Discord: Excelion
#8594). You can also come hang out in our Discord to get a feel for what we're like!

If you just want to join, you can reach out through one of the above channel or simply apply to our FC in-game!

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 30, 15 Ward, Shirogane (Large)

Estate Profile

Providence Estate


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Light FarronTwintania (Light)

Hey I'm Light, the FC Leader for Providence! I'm an experienced FFXIV Player and look forward to sharing my game knowledge with all of you!


This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.

Aoki YukikazeTwintania (Light)

Hi there, im looking for an F.C to join as i've kinda of neglected doing so and just pushed the MSQ, currently in Stormblood.....look forward to hearing from you :)


Abdulity HajTwintania (Light)

Hi i would like to join your FC :)


Community Member Alixi SylvariaTwintania (Light)

Hi, I am looking at joining the FC as I need a friendly and laid back home ?. I have been playing FF for over a year and a half now, I play mostly in evenings every day (depending on how knackered I am from work!). Happy to talk further.


Ii KagataTwintania (Light)

Hi, I recently joined the game and i am looking for a like minded noob friendly community to join! Your description sounds like it would suit me nicely :) Id be happy to talk with you further about this!


Community Member Akaya DestirTwintania (Light)

Heyhey! Im kinda new to FFXIV and Im looking for a FC where I can also make some new friends! And reading what you guys have to offer/do sounds really fitting for what Im looking for! Id love to talk about joining you!


Community Member Light FarronTwintania (Light)

Hello! Feel free to send me a message in-game (Light Farron) or on Discord (Glanyx#0001)!

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Grieza LindemannTwintania (Light)

Helloooo, just started FFXIV and I'd love to join a welcoming community to play together and hang out casually. Doing raids and events together with a warm group of people is what I'm looking for. Looking forward to join!


Community Member Light FarronTwintania (Light)

Hello! I've sent you a message in-game but you may have missed it. If you'd still like to join please reach out to me in-game (Light Farron) or message me on Discord (Glanyx#0001)!

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Xan DuramorLouisoix (Chaos)

Hi there. I have been playing FFXIV on and off since release and I'm back now with a serious crafting bug. Been looking for people to chat to and do content with, and your FC sounds like a pretty good match!


Community Member Light FarronTwintania (Light)

Hello! Sorry it's been a while since you posted. If you're still interested in joining, please feel free to reach out to me in-game (Light Farron) or on Discord (Glanyx#0001)!

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Terru GriminarTwintania (Light)

Hi, I started playing a little over a week ago and I'm looking to join a FC to find some people to play with.


Community Member Light FarronTwintania (Light)

Hello! Wasn't able to catch you online unfortunately. Please feel free to reach out to me in-game (Light Farron) or on Discord (Glanyx#0001)!

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Kraythorne DaisTwintania (Light)

Hi, I'm an oldie just getting back into MMO's after a 20 year break (played Asherons call with my kids for a while when it first released). I liked the commuity in that game & looking for something similar.

I usually play for 2-4 hours every few days or so, depending on work commitments and enjoy exploring different aspects of the game. Your FC looks cool & I'd be interested in joining. I'll be in game again over the weekend, unless I can get my laptop to work while working away this week.


Community Member Shizuru IoroiTwintania (Light)

Hey there! Very welcome to join us, if you see anyone online from our list just hit someone up for an invite or drop an application in game to the FC and we can grab you :)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

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