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Recruiting Fairy Tail Members


Adamantoise (Aether)

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8:00 24:00
1:00 24:00
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Data Center


Home World




#Parent Friendly
#Work-life Balance
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
Welcome! We are Fairy Tail, and have been around since the games launch in 2013. Our goal is to build a community of Fun and active players who want to make friends and run Savage, Craft, Save the world or jus hang out with cookies and cake!
We have a Large house full of many Amenities, Vendors included.

We are seeking to add players who want to enjoy a safe space full of learning an without Mean Elitists, Who want actual progress and fun in both CASUAL and HARDCORE content ^_^. We are rebuilding and Seek those wishing to be a Light for Eorzea while Kicking Butt too.

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 33, 4 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Large)

Estate Profile

Magnolia 4-33


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Natsu DragneellAdamantoise (Aether)

Yo! Natsu Here ^_^. Ive been playing this game since 1.0 and Love it. I created the FC Fairy Tail with the hopes of creating a fun safe environment for people to learn without being yelled at. I want Fairy Tail to Lead the Way to Progress in Hardcore and casual Content and to be a place full of memories ^_^.

I am an adult an Not perfect but I Love this game an you guys, and will do my best to see you shine!



Lee KuroDiabolos (Crystal)

Hey, was wondering if yall had room for me in y'alls guild? Came back to the game after a LONG break and my current guild was pretty much empty.


T'man SlayerAdamantoise (Aether)

Hey , I am a returning player, I have introduced the wife to ff 14 and was interested in both of us joining.


Alune PikeerMidgardsormr (Aether)

Howdy, I'm a WoW refugee looking for a home :D loving the game so far but kinda lonely lol


Noct PietroCerberus (Chaos)

Hey, fully new to the game, played a bit of wow with my ex and some talisman online back in the day. Saw a video on yt that right now is a good time to get into the game so i gave it a try and so far im in love :D I work a fulltime job atm so not a full time gamer but in my spare time i game as much as i can and watch anime, on episode 64 of fairy tail atm so that why this company stood out. Ty for readin through and i hope to join :)


Teedus OtherworldFamfrit (Primal)

Hi its your friendly neighborhood Pope... Teedus... was hoping to find a FC i just got back into the game and moved to this server from Behemoth got some friends just getting into the game as well but in the mean time im looking for me and would love to talk to someone and maybe get a invite to the FC =)


Azrael GrimLeviathan (Primal)

How active are you guys?


Sedoni MikazukiSargatanas (Aether)

Hello, I'm looking a FC that is friendly, active, and willing to help or be helped (anyway this returning newbie can). It's kind of lonely on this game so definitely looking for some nice associate to play with!


Sedoni MikazukiSargatanas (Aether)

Hello, I'm looking a FC that is friendly, active, and willing to help or be helped (anyway this returning newbie can). It's kind of lonely on this game so definitely looking for some nice associates to play with!

(Edited)  -

Oldman BootsAdamantoise (Aether)

Hi there, I'm a returning lvl50 blm, looking to get back into the game, make some new friends, head out on adventures and have a great time in all @ your FC!


Cordia FythSargatanas (Aether)

Hello. I'm totally new to this game. Was browsing around and came upon this. Currently I'm playing this game alone sadly. It would be more interesting playing with others :) Hope there are others I could progress with!


Boist MoxAdamantoise (Aether)

Hello! I'm new to the game and have been leveling up with my friend, who is also new, and we're having a blast. Looking for a group of friendly players to have fun with in Eorzea.
A little about myself: I live in the Tokyo area of Japan. I'm 39 years old. I used to play WoW for 16 years as a healer, then quit about a year ago. Decided to give FFXIV a try because of friends recommending it. I like collecting things, like mounts and shiny stuff, so I expect to spend a lot of time in this game. ^^


Im SeventrixAegis (Elemental)

Hi i'm new to the game and been playing for like 2 days now and i was wondering if you accept newbies like me? i'm hoping to find players to play with and socialize with too, oh and plus i love fairy tail and all sorts of anime too, but i didnt actually finish the second season because the art style kinda changed :((


Community Member Fall RimAdamantoise (Aether)

hey the wife and i just got into the game, currently around lvl 30, would be real cool to be in Fairy Tail ! ign fall rim


U'canpurr OdhAdamantoise (Aether)

Might I get an invite to your guild please?


Bat ManuelAdamantoise (Aether)

80 Tank main, hopped over from Primal Data Center as I have other friends that play over here. I was curious if I could get a trial or an invite :)


Koth SomaAdamantoise (Aether)

lvl 59 almost 60 and been looking for a FC to join to help me enjoy the game even more then I am now. I've been playing for less then a month and would love to join if your still accepting folks.

(Edited)  -

Kiara YaxinAdamantoise (Aether)

Hi, started playing some days ago, level 36 I believe, white mage, been looking for a friendly FC, wondering if it's ok for me to join?


Danteri GutenPhoenix (Light)

Heyo! I need friends and guidance (: New to FF14, familiar with MMO's. Also, i've seen/read Fairy Tail so fairly excited if I'd be able to join this guild/community ^^


Flamez SoulUltros (Primal)

Hello just started playing FFXIV for a few weeks now I'm level 50 and really want to get into hard/extreme raids/dungeons/trials but need people to play with, hoping there's a spot open. Thanks for talking time to read this!


Asgrim WarbladeMateus (Crystal)

Hey there, new player here. Looking for a Free Company with people to play and chat with.


Dio UmeharaAdamantoise (Aether)

looking to join the Fc i cant seem to find ur character to message in game if anything ill periodically check the fc house to see if anyone is there

(Edited)  -

Erzza ScarlettAdamantoise (Aether)

i want to join im new i would love to met ppl to play with thank you


Graegun BrightroarAdamantoise (Aether)

Hello! After a year-long break from the game, I've decided to jump back in. Would love to belong to your FC! Your description meets everything I am looking for in fun, laid back FC. Please consider inviting me.


Community Member Mirajane DrakkoniasAdamantoise (Aether)

Hey I love Fairytail and was looking for a Free Company to Join, I am relatively new to the game, are you still recruiting?


Force ImpulseSargatanas (Aether)

Hey, was wondering if you had room for me in the FC? New player I dont know if you guys have a discord or something.


Xen SakuraFaerie (Aether)

new player looking for a home & friends to chat with :)


Queen SupaflyAdamantoise (Aether)

New player looking for friend to play with and have fun! I would love to join your FC!!


Davey BonesjonesBrynhildr (Crystal)

New player looking for home adopt me!!!


Nox MiyakoBrynhildr (Crystal)

You have room for more? Literally my fav anime lol.


Akilou IssifooAdamantoise (Aether)

hi do you guys have a free slot?


Knuffel FranxxMoogle (Chaos)

still have place?


Ava ZagAdamantoise (Aether)

I would like to join please!!!


Teeners WarshackAdamantoise (Aether)

I'm interested in joining. :)


Darth CoffeeAdamantoise (Aether)

I'm new to the game but love the grind so far just need a fc to chill and kick butt with got room?


Lukario WhisperwindGoblin (Crystal)

Id love to join!


Koudelka LasantAdamantoise (Aether)

My husband and I are interested in joining!


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