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Recruiting Bento Box! Members



Active Hours
14:00 24:00
13:00 3:00
Active Members


Data Center




#Food Lovers! <3
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Student Friendly
Bento Box ! is a cosy & friendly fellowship and Free Company on Twintania.

We have players across different servers who all share a common love for food and FFXIV. Chats are usually made through the linkshell or our Discord server which is optional to join depending on what you're comfortable with! Most of us are casual players with varied years of experience with the game, but we love helping our newbies and enjoy the story together.

You're more than welcome to join us <3

Events are hosted every now and then from different activities like maps, hide & seek, mount farms and so on.

Group Profile



Active Members


Primary language



Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Soft TofuTwintania (Light)



Svedi GinoTwintania (Light)

Hi everyone,

I`m newbie MMO, FF XIV player and I just played through the ARR MSQ. It was super fun and I learned a lot of things.
I would like to join to a guild where I can be a member of a communitity, so far I played mostly solo.
Have a great day.-:)


Cryin' WolfZodiark (Light)

Hey! I'd love to join the LS, i'm always looking for people to play the game with, since it tends to get lonely sometimes. :)


Asriel NephilimZodiark (Light)

I moved DC's about 6 months ago to join a RL Friend in their FC since then everyone has left the game (again) so looking for a fun place to hang and chat if you have room for me i would love to join the CWLS and your discord


Nadia NavarreZodiark (Light)

I'd like to join the CWLS.
I'm still learning English, so my chatting is slow.
But I'd be happy to play game with you.


Kaya MizuhikiOdin (Light)

Hello there food lovers!
I'm looking for a fun place to meet fun people. It feels kinda lonely since I came back to the game on April. I'd be glad to meet you all and join your LS and discord. Have a nice day.


Glenwynn WolfshawlPhoenix (Light)

Hey there! Looking for a friendly LS and i found one! Am a chef and love to cook ^^


-- -- ----

returner looking to get social on discord/link shell, tried bao buns recently.


Popovachi BobovachiPhoenix (Light)

Heyo, looking for a social linkshell to do content with ^^
Discord is Jonah#0500

(Edited)  -

Kazuya FubukiExodus (Primal)

Hey, I would like to join the cwl if there's still space ^^
My discord is Kazuya#0008


Kane PrimePhoenix (Light)

Hi there. I'm new to ffxiv still (level 53) and want to find a social place to make friends and chat, please could you invite me to your linkshell? My discord name is Kane#9476


Hana RiOdin (Light)

can i join the linkshell pls? ♥


Aurelli FauchetempsTonberry (Elemental)

Hey there, love to join! I'm in XIV for the casual, gathering, social aspect - if that is acceptable and the banter is a'plenty, love to get an invite! Thanks all- This LS sounds like exactly what I am looking for


Aiyzer StarkPhoenix (Light)

Hello there, I'd like to join if there's still a spot left :)

This comment has been deleted.

Alysia MoonTwintania (Light)

Heya! ^_^ I'd like to meet new people during my journey through Eorzea. If there's a spot left, I'd like to join!


Aurelli FauchetempsTonberry (Elemental)

Hello all, would love to join the LS! Sounds like an awesome place and wonderful people and delicious fooood, I'm a casual social player from Melbourne, Australia currently on Elemental/Tonberry, I'm generally online 11pm-4am AEST, would love a /tell to join! (Although not really sure how to add to CWLS groups from other worlds) ty


Frey NarcisseTwintania (Light)

Hii, I'm new to the game and would love to join the LS and make new friends :D


Princess PuddlesworthOdin (Light)

Hello! I am on odin, looking for a fun cwls. I LOVE food and relaxed gameplay. Could I get an invite please?


Aar ThuurZodiark (Light)

Hi there! Fellow returning player. Are you still accepting new members? Would love to hang out :)


Melv UircalenLich (Light)

Hi! I love food, I love FF! This Linkshell seems perfect! I would love to join it! :D


Fyre HartOdin (Light)

Heeeello o/
Sounds like the perfect place to be and hangout.
Discord: Top 3bood#1171


Mio NekomataOdin (Light)

New to FF, and my friends FC is kind of dead, 3 ppl online this month including me, would love some new friends to hangout with. So I would like to join if possible :)


Rivi SuranaTwintania (Light)

Would love to join if possible!


Mayke BrunestudPhoenix (Light)

Hello, would love to join the LS!


Sungyve DreraShiva (Light)

Hey, im new to ffxiv and would like to join your CWLS :) are you still accepting ?

This comment has been deleted.
This comment has been deleted.

Shin MajinoTwintania (Light)

Looking for an invite too :)


King PoringOdin (Light)

Hi! Would like to join


Ignatius MazziottaTwintania (Light)

Hello! New to the game and would like to join your FC if your recruiting.


Curtavious PalindarZodiark (Light)

Hey would love to join the FC if you are still recruiting:) Newish player but loving the game so far:)

This comment has been deleted.

Traxx AvarisShiva (Light)

Hey, I started FF about a month ago and would like to join =)


Cherry BakewellLich (Light)

Hey! I'm a returner to ffxiv and would love to join your linkshell to make more friends :)


Rhen SilmarilTwintania (Light)

Hello pls adopt me into the linkshell ((;


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