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18:00 21:00
17:00 21:00
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#Synced & MIL Content
#High-end Duties
#Beginner & Novice Friendly
#Player Events
Syncademy - A synchronized (min. ilvl) content community

Syncademy is a Discord community based on the Light DC. We are dedicated to providing a relaxed place to learn synced raiding in FFXIV and a chance to get into raid leading for sprouts and veterans alike. Syncademy organizes raids up to 5 days per week during EU prime time and employs a calendar signup system which allows us to raid and progress on a community level with non-static groups since our foundation at the end of November 2019!

Community Free Companies
Currently we're able to offer FCs on five worlds (Twintania, Lich, Odin, Raiden and Alpha) as a place to hang around with some of our community members. All of them have more or less decorated FC houses, offer full chocobo training & coloring support, and FC buffs for raiding, teleportation, leveling and MGP!
Additionally are Twintania's and Raiden's FC also offering Fashion Report items each week.

Community Hard Facts
- 1900+ Discord members and more than 700 of them joined our raids at least once
- Nearly 600 raid courses organized over the last 3 years
- 100+ active players on a monthly basis with about 120 individual signups per week
- 3-4 raid groups per raid evening and sometimes even up to 6 simultaneous groups
- 11 active Study Groups (in-house static groups)

Community Benefits
We encourage participation by using a community level and achievement system. You will earn experience as well as custom badges and roles in our Discord as you keep participating in the raids.

Regular participation also grants you access to our Linkshell Network consisting of a local LS for each world and a CWLS where we relink between worlds. Within the LS Network you can receive notifications for official or non-official ongoing raids, relax and socialise in-game, while also being able to look for players if you need a last minute backup or a quick group for any other activity.

Community Activities
Outside of raids we have community members organizing all kinds of activities on their own. Anything from Sastasha, roulettes or even Ultimate trials to non-raid activities like treasure maps or Blue Mage Football can be found here. Some of those are even Regular Activities such as Scavenger Hunts or Unreal Clears for Faux Hollows and much more!

For those who want a more consistent experience we also offer our crown jewel: Study Groups! Those groups are our in-house static groups, and that allows you to easily advertise, find and create your own group to raid any and all content.
Study Groups have their own personal chat channel on the server and we also grant them badges with the limitation for one expansion's content per group because we try to keep them temporary and not being a closed group within the community.

Community Achievements
We have completed all Savage Raids up to E11S so far. On our way up to that point we have expanded our raids into two Raid Series: One for Coils and Alexander and the other for Omega and Eden. The first series has already completed all of the fights twice and therefore also added Blue Mage raiding to its portfolio!

Additionally we're in the 7th season of re-clearing all Extreme Trials (including the newest additions from Endwalker) and Alliance Raids on MIL (min. item level) and some even undergeared or without jobstones! (Cape Westwind, you'll be missed!)

Our Sprout Mondays offer both newcomers and veteran players an ideal environment to learn the basics of raiding, to try out a new role or job or even to have a shot at leading a raid under guidance of one of our raid leaders. So far it has enjoyed great popularity since its inception!

During all that raiding 22 Study Groups also reached their goals. Those included all Savage Raids and Extreme Trials from ARR up to SB, one Ultimate and even more unique goals like both Deep Dungeons and current content mount farming in ShB.

And, whenever possible, we try to help our students with their MSQ by creating an immersive experience out of completing the final dungeons and Trials on MIL.

Reaching us
You will find a detailed calendar of our weekly raids on our Discord server. If you would like to join Syncademy's ranks or are curious about more details, simply search for the Fellowship with the same name, send a Free Company application or contact us directly ingame or via Discord:
- Spectra Phantom (?SpectraPH?#8262)
- Silas Greybeard (SilasGB#0406)

Group Profile



Active Members




Primary language



Plot 41, 9 Ward, The Lavender Beds (Medium)

Estate Profile

The Academy


Apply Below!

Recruiter Profile

Community Member

Spectra PhantomTwintania [Light]



Skaldis WindspeedTwintania [Light]

Hi ! you still recruiting ?


Turael DreamwalkerRaiden [Light]

Hey Skaldis, we're always open for everyone, who's interested in synced raiding. Please reach out to me on Discord or ingame =)

You can also seek out our Fellowship to get first information about Syncademy's community and to join our Discord server.

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Community Member Pressing BenchesTwintania [Light]

Been looking for an FC to do Min iLvl and synched down raiding. I'm not quite 80 on my Twintania character so I can't quite do current stuff, but I've been wanting to dig into the old stuff more anyway.


Turael DreamwalkerRaiden [Light]

Hey Benches, I forgot to reply to you here yesterday, but you also reached out to me on Discord and directly made your way into the FC, the community behind it and even participated on a raid of ours ^^
I hope you enjoyed it so far and I'm looking forward to raid with you together in the future =)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Chi UtherRaiden [Light]

Hey me and some friends of mine are looking for a group to high end content with also can do treasure maps eureka bozja etc (tank dps heal all fine) dc id chichiwa#7747


Turael DreamwalkerRaiden [Light]

Hey Chi, if you're looking for a group to do high end content together, then you may be more interested in joining the community behind Syncademy for being able to find another group or to fill up yours. The FC is more for activities outside of the officially scheduled raids of the Syncademy community.

Please reach out to me on Discord or ingame or seek out our Fellowship to get first information about Syncademy's community and to join our Discord server =)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Lud WachtelTwintania [Light]

Hey are you still recruiting? I am a returning player, I've raided in Shb up until E8S, only recently resubbed. Looking for an FC to return to raiding both current and past content!
My discord is Wachtel#2298

(Edited)  -

Turael DreamwalkerRaiden [Light]

Hey Wachtel, I'll try and get in touch with you via Discord later tomorrow. There I can give you further information about our FC and the community on our Discord server behind it and how to join us =)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

0 / 500


Shykat SeekerTwintania [Light]

Hi! We a re 4 gamers at different stages in the game, looking for active fc all activities. Fun and no drama. My discord is Yukari#6082 if you are recruiting please send me a DM


Turael DreamwalkerRaiden [Light]

Syncademy is a synced content raiding community with an FC on Twintania for its members to hang around outside of our scheduled raids. If you're interested in our community and FC, then please reach out to me on Discord. My ID can be found in the post =)

Line breaks will be counted as one character.

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