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Keepers of Fayth - Strike Policy.

Jin ShingetsuPhoenix (Light)

A Three strike rule is in action within our Free Company and Discord server..

Anyone actively breaking FFXIV ToS or our Free Company rules will recieve a warning that they are in breach of these rules.

Prior to any action being taken any member/members involved will recieve an advanced warning containing information of which rules have been broken.
The member/members involved will also be given a 24hr notice period where captains will discuss and decide what action should be taken in light of said offence.

Not all warnings will escalate to a strike.
This is ultimately the decision of Jin and the captains.
All circumstances and possible actions relating to the offence will be considered before making a final judgement.

Warnings and strikes can be removed if additional strikes are not added within the grace period of one month since the members last offence.
Repeated warnings within the grace period however will escalate to a strike.
Members who abuse the grace period and continue to offend shortly after this penalty has fallen off may still incur strikes if it is deemed necessary.
Under the jurisdiction of the company officials during this period additional company privileges may also be temporarily revoked i.e discord and/or company rank privileges.

3 consecutive strikes will ultimately result in banishment from our free company and discord server.

If anyone has any concerns or questions to the implementation of the above subject please feel free to DM myself or any of the captains and we will be happy to address them.

Additionally i would like to add that although these rules apply to everyone, most members are generally well behaved and will unlikely be affected by this change.
Some may find these measures harsh but i can assure you these actions are only being taken in your best interests and to protect yourselves and our free company.


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