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Keepers of Fayth - Free Company Rules.

Jin ShingetsuPhoenix (Light)

Due to the large size of our fc and to protect the integrity of members and the free company before joining we ask that all members read and accept our rules and ToS.

They are as follows:

Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

No NSFW or obscene content. This includes text, images, or links featuring nudity, sex, hard violence, or other graphically disturbing content.

No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a staff member. This includes DMing fellow members.

Personal disputes will not be tolerated within our free company or discord server.
Should a situation arise all included members will be removed until a resolution has been reached.

Spoiler related content must only be discussed privately in game or in the relevant channels in our discord server.

If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let staff know. We want the fc to be a welcoming space!

A Three strike rule is in action within our free company.
Details of these rules can be read in more detail here:

If you have any questions in regards to our rules or anything relating to the subject above please feel free to DM myself or one of our free company captains either in game or via discord.

Our free company captains are:

FFXIV: Beatrix Knight, Doot Knight, Jak Echoes, Lucene Voran, Mayeon Songlune, N'ymeia Feylyx, Shinzo Cross

Discord: Beatrix Knight#9372, Doot Knight#6556, D3adFishEyes#8645, BlackZero#8194, mayuu#7181, N'ymeia Feylyx#3833, Shinzo#7351
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