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FC Stimulus! (Till March 15th, 2021)

Ashiee HorokeuExcalibur (Primal)

It's finally here, the FC bank hit 300mil, which means it's time for FC stimulus! Basically, I will be sending out 1million to everyone in FC who is currently playing. To claim it, you must:

Send a mog mail to Ashiee Horokeu in game
Send a discord message to Ashiee#1879 with your character name

Please don't send me a tell in game because there is a good chance I will not see it, since there will be a good chance that I'm AFK.

Those not eligible:
- People who are not currently playing (AKA not sending you gil Aki!) Character must have been logged in within the last year.
- Those who claimed gil prior to the 5.4 patch

Please claim the gil before March 15th, 2021. That will be the cut off date.

The following is for me to track who has currently claimed their gil
List of people who claimed:
People who claimed after 300mil goal
Ashiee Horokeu
Tone Bonestar
Soge King
Sprinkles Cupcake
Mad Platter

Those who claimed it before 5.4
Anime Waifu (AKA Ophelia Hex)
Enemy Airship
Lulu Nami
Rhys Casil
Sheena Hayane
Jambit Blacksun

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