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Message from Maidy's father.

Altemisia LupinusGungnir (Elemental)

【This is the message from the father that was played at the end of the video.we will write in the forum】

I would like to thank you for organizing this event in memory of Maidy.

It's already been a month since he passed away, but there is still a hole in my heart.

I truly appreciate all the kind messages you all sent to him, right until the end.
I can still remember Maidy falling asleep peacefully, listening to me read out all of your messages.
He thought of his Free Company like a second family, and I know he was so happy to hear from all of you.

In his short life, he always said that he wanted to share his values through the power of online games, and that some things are only made possible because of them.
I will never forget his message, and I will keep moving forward, always keeping it in mind.

Still, if it were possible, I wish I could bring him back.

Thank you very much.

Father of Light
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