Countermeasures for the Fraud Using Market (Nov. 8)

Here is a message from Producer/Director Yoshida regarding the current security issue and action that will be taken from this point on for the Market.
This is Producer/Director Yoshida.

This is a thread, but I would like to mention the current situation and actions that we are going to take from this point on.

First of all, a few hours ago, we received several reports about fraud wherein certain functions of the Market were abused by an outside source.
There are not many reported incidents due to this, but to prevent any further occurrences, we performed an emergency maintenance.

We sincerely apologize for the trouble this has caused for the players affected by this issue.
We are verifying the data and promise that everything will be kept safe.

This issue can only be seen in certain Worlds, zones and circumstances, so it will not affect players that are not logged in.

Once we resolve the issue and assure the safety of the situation, alongside the recovery of the game, we will take action towards the outside fraud source and take security countermeasures.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience that this may have caused.
We are not planning to do any sizable data rollbacks at this time for this situation.
We are essentially planning to correspond with the players whose data was affected.

We have obtained information of the route and IP address of the source and we are planning to take legal actions regarding this fraud.
This is Producer/Director Yoshida.

Since there is a risk of attack and harassment if we post details about this issue, we will be avoiding doing so and wish you will understand.
There are several posts here, but there are comments where users seemed to have misread some of them, so here is a brief explanation of the entire situation and about the emergency shutdown below.

*Regarding the origin of the issue and the affected situation*

Amount Affected: Approx. 200 cases

Requirement: Must be logged in
Place of Occurrence: Only in certain, specific Worlds
Area of Occurrence: Only when in certain zones
Requirements: Only when having more than several thousand Gil (Excluding the amount on retainers)

The issue will only occur if you fall into all of the requirements listed above, and also if the third-party fraud targets you.

Resolving Method: No sizable rollbacks; Each case will be addressed by our Operations Team

Since we are steadily handling everyone’s data, as mentioned previously, we would like to let those affected by this issue know that they will be contacted by the Operations Team individually, and that we will attend to the data recovery promptly.

We are currently creating a flow to carry this out, and will be starting once it’s finalized.

*Regarding the Emergency World Shutdown*

Since this emergency maintenance was overlapping with another maintenance that was planned earlier, we apologize or any confusion that this may have caused.

As soon as this issue was escalated to Yoshida, the Operations Team corresponded with the “Emergency Flow Procedure” and proceeded with the announcement.
Even though this flow is considered for the player’s play experience and allowing some time before the World’s shutdown, this issue was possible that it was an attack from an outside source and being too urgent, Yoshida decided that the implementation of the early World shutdown was better to be immediate. If a post were to be made about the World shutdown, he thought that the attacker may have increased the speed of the attack and made the matter worse.
Although our intentions were for the best and to prevent further widespread occurrences, we apologize that this caused inconvenience to our players who were playing at the time of the shutdown.

Also, for future announcements regarding this issue, we will be posting News as well with this thread, and are currently implementing an emergency flow. We please ask our players to understand and thank you for your patience.

As for the recovery of all Worlds, this may take some time and will be notifying everyone as soon as any updates are available.
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