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Recipe trees can now be viewed for craftable items.

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Title Area Level
If Songs Had Wings The Firmament 60
O Crafter, My Crafter The Firmament 70
An Ode to Unity The Firmament 70
On Ehll Tou's Wings The Firmament 70
Adventurers and Admirers The Firmament 60
Calling All Adventurers The Firmament 60
A Gathering of Gaelicats The Firmament 60
The Brume Lifts The Firmament 60
Shadow over the Orphanage The Firmament 60
Small Hands, Big Hearts The Firmament 60
A Fashionable Friendship The Firmament 60
Mislaid Plans Ishgard 80
Work It Harder, Make It Better Ishgard 80
In Everyone's Best Interests Ishgard 80
 Ever Skyward Ishgard 80
 The Tools of Tomorrow Ishgard 80
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