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Recipe trees can now be viewed for craftable items.

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Title Area Level
 Deliverance North Shroud 1
 Trust, but Verify North Shroud 1
 Misdirected Woo North Shroud 1
 Keeping Up Appearances North Shroud 1
 Blow, Ye Winds North Shroud 1
 Gyrodriven North Shroud 3
 Of Rodents and Rigging North Shroud 3
 What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Golems North Shroud 3
 One Ixal's Buzzard North Shroud 3
 The Right Tool for the Tools North Shroud 3
 And Thanks for All the Fish North Shroud 6
 An Empty Sack Cannot Hang Downright North Shroud 6
 Hot Cross Buns North Shroud 6
 Simply the Biast North Shroud 6
 A Long Way to the Top North Shroud 6
 Reach for the Starboard North Shroud 10
 Larboard and Lodging North Shroud 10
 Right-wing Aeronautics North Shroud 10
 Left-wing Aeronautics North Shroud 10
 Getting into Gear North Shroud 10
 Hells-vent on the Heavens North Shroud 10
 Crazy Like the Pox North Shroud 15
 A Hard Knock Life North Shroud 15
 Manual Labor North Shroud 15
 Leave Nothing to Waste North Shroud 15
 Tanks for Nothing North Shroud 15
 Never Steer You Wrong North Shroud 15
 West for Fishing North Shroud 16
 Your Gil's No Good Here North Shroud 16
 Mining for Compliments North Shroud 16
 A High Wind in Ishgard North Shroud 16
 Bring Your Own Ectoplasm North Shroud 16
 In Case of Emergency North Shroud 16
 We Fly High (Squawkin') North Shroud 16
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