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Title Area Level
Turndown Service Gridania 50
By Your Bootstraps Ishgard 53
Perfect Pitch Ishgard 55
From the Hoplon to the Brume Ishgard 58
A Winter's Sale Ishgard 60
A Taxing Request Gridania 60
Mounting Expectations Gridania 63
The Value of Life Gridania 65
The Trouble with Taxidermy Gridania 68
True to Life Gridania 70
Way of the Weaver Ul'dah 1
My First Needle Ul'dah 1
Once More unto the Breeches Ul'dah 5
Alternative Applications Ul'dah 10
Practical Needs Ul'dah 15
Materia Concerns Ul'dah 20
That Velveteen Dress Ul'dah 25
Miner on a Mission Ul'dah 30
Designed by Committee Ul'dah 35
A Subtle Inquiry Ul'dah 40
The Intervention Ul'dah 45
A Miner Reborn Ul'dah 50
The Social Knitwork Ul'dah 50
Tomboy Foolery Ishgard 53
For Lover and Country Ishgard 55
Spinning the Truth Ishgard 58
Never Leave without a Good-bye Ishgard 60
When East Meets West Ul'dah 60
The Butterfly Effect Ul'dah 63
The Crane's Caveat Kugane 65
A Geiko for All Seasons Kugane 68
Send Me an Angel Kugane 70
Way of the Alchemist Ul'dah 1
My First Alembic Ul'dah 1
The Second Principle Ul'dah 5
All of Your Beeswax Ul'dah 10
For Fair Love Ul'dah 15
The Arcanist's Tome Ul'dah 20
Practical Alchemy Ul'dah 25
Baleful Brews Ul'dah 30
Cease and Assist Ul'dah 35
Might Made Right Ul'dah 40
Ultimate Alchemy Ul'dah 45
Momentary Miracle Ul'dah 50
Without a Trace Ul'dah 50
Magic Marks the Spot Mor Dhona 53
From Hells Mor Dhona 55
Burden of Proof Mor Dhona 58
What Death Can Join Together Mor Dhona 60
Not Quite Dead Yet Ul'dah 60
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