As the old saying goes, all work and no play makes Fernehalwes a dull boy. On the other hand, all play and no work makes Fernehalwes an unemployed boy, despised (and most likely hunted) by hordes of FINAL FANTASY XIV fans patiently waiting for Beta Test content to be localized. And therein lies the dilemma--how to have fun while desperately trying to remain afloat in this sea of guildleve objective text.

I know! I can sneak over to the design team’s booths and snap never-before-seen pics of scantily clad primals and post them to the Developers’ Blog! Score one for lax security!

(The following images are works-in-progress, and do not fully represent what will appear in-game)


That icy stare...!
That icy hair...!

Could it be...? Nah... It couldn't be... Or could it?

Lady of frost...
Likes her diamonds in dust form...
Name rhymes with “diva”...

Hmmm... Maybe we need a wider angle...

(This is normal map sculpt data created using ZBrush for those of you keeping track)

Better... But how about one more shot of the original artwork, just to make sure...


There we go. Undeniable proof that this can be none other than.........SIREN!

I mean, Shiva!