Rear Window

Hello all!
Fernehalwes back again for today's second installment of the Developers' Blog. In case you missed the first post, you can check it out here.

Not moments after I had sat back down to my movie (a new adult beverage in hand), did I hear my mailer chime...

It couldn't be...
It's only been five minutes...
It simply couldn't be M again...

Why yes, it could...


Hey Ferney! M here! Did you miss me? You weren't thinking of sitting back down to your movie (a new adult beverage in hand), were you? We have work to do!

The Niconico Chokaigi 2 is over, but that doesn't mean I can't still bring the starveling masses some scrumptious recaps!

Just look at all the exciting stuff that happened over the past two days!

Our tireless sound director (and knee-socks aficionado) held a talk session with one of the voice actresses featured in ARR! Look at all the people who gathered to watch!

Our tireless sound director (and knee-socks connoisseur) composed a new jingle right on stage, in a matter of minutes! What a pro!

Our tireless sound director (and knee-socks nabber) got down and dirty to take some photos of our booth's cosplayers... Uh, that doesn't look like the company camera...

Our tireless director (and knee-soc─ HEY!

(Don't let Soken know it was me who called security.)

Talk to you again tomorrow! Toodles!

Project Manager M


I put down my beverage for this?