Hold On to Your Bombs

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne back again with a sneak peek at a new mount making its debut in patch 2.2!

If you know me, and I'd like to think that you all do, you know that I'm a huge mount enthusiast. I'll do anything for a new mount. So when M sent me over these new shots of a new mount, I lost it.

I'm not entirely sure how stable these are...

They even light your way at night!

Look how adorable Lalafell ladies will look riding this!

Miqo'te male will look extremely cool riding one of these around Wineport as they try to get on top of the gate!

"Okay Bayohne, you win. I'll do anything for that new mount! Just tell me how I get it!" you say. Well, if I told you, they might string me up to one of these, so for now I'll just say... Looking at the mount from the back should offer you a nice big hint.

- Bayohne (is still missing a Nightmare mount...)