Dancing Mad

Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here with a light-hearted update for all the adventurers out there!

We didn't want to spoil the surprise too early, but it seems the coeurl is out of the bag!
There are some brand new emotes arriving in patch 2.2!

By completing the new [redacted] quest(s), players will earn some fancy new dance emotes.

It'll be really fun to gather a few friends (or force every Lalafell you know...) together to join in on the new dance craze sweeping Eorzea!

By the way... dresses! Dresses will also be introduced in patch 2.2!

With four new dance emotes on their way, Eorzea will be turned into the most hoppin' realm in Hydaelyn! Prepare your dance off events, free company masters!

- Bayohne (has been training his whole life for this moment)