Arcade Archon Action

Greetings, everyone!

The Japan Amusement Expo 2015 was held this past Friday and Saturday in Japan.

JAEPO is a huge expo where exhibitors show off brand-new machines and prizes that have yet to go live at arcades, shopping centers, and other locations that have amusement areas around Japan. Simply put, it's like the arcade version of Tokyo Game Show!

What does this have to do with FFXIV you ask? I'll let the following trailer do the talking.

Was that? Could it be? YES! A new entry in the Dissidia FINAL FANTASY series is coming to arcades in Japan, and Y'shtola will be representing FFXIV!

Naturally, since the announcement was going to be made on stage during the expo, Project Manager Takkun was there to soak up the cheers of excitement.

Takahiro Sakurai, the voice actor of Cloud, appeared on stage during the announcement to talk about his experience with the game and also read a letter from the development team who weren't able to make it to the event.

The announcement didn't reveal a lot of details about the game, but there is going to be a special announcement event taking place on April 10, and I bet there will be loads more information! (Hopefully the development team will make it to that event...)

Look forward to seeing Y'shtola make her debut in Dissidia FINAL FANTASY which has shifted its battlegrounds to the arcades!

Be sure to also check out the official Dissidia FINAL FANTASY website!

- Bayohne

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