Rise Up and Celebrate

Happy Friday, everyone!

While the sun sets on the Moonfire Faire seasonal event, another one rises in its stead--The Rising returns to the realm tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning to commemorate the third year anniversary of FFXIV!

Though it's only less than a day away, I wanted to show off what's going on for The Rising this year and what kind of reward items are available for adventurers.

An epic looking stage has been constructed in Ul'dah-Steps of Nald, and I hear that you can all look forward to a special performance event that will go above and beyond the Eighteenth Floor from last year!

Two new adorable minions to add to your collection are available--Dress-up Y'shtola and Wind-up Krile-- and as usual, make sure you check out the help text as the team took their time to make it extra special.

Additionally, you can obtain a Rising Banner and a Rising Pillar to decorate your homes for the celebration!

It's not a true celebration without proper fireworks, and adventurers will be able to summon their very own meteor by using a Meteor Shower firework. The seasonal shop will also offer Starry Heavens and other fun items as well, so we hope you all have a good time using all of them to create cool celebratory scenes!

Finally, you'll be able to get your hands on a Heavensward Orchestrion Roll, so it might be time to switch up that Pa-Paya loop (just for a bit, anyway).

This special seasonal event and the fact that we are able to celebrate three years of Eorzea is all due to our amazing Warriors of Light! Thank you all so much for making this possible, and we are looking forward to the adventures ahead!

Don't forget that we also have a 14-hour broadcast starting tonight, which includes the Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXI! I'll see you all then for the hot scoops on Patch 3.4!