Of the Grand Finale of the Fan Festivals!

Hello everyone!

It's lakukisu here, taking you to a trip down the memory lane of the best weekend this year - The Fan Festival in Frankfurt. Even if you didn't manage to be there yourself or "only" watched the stream, read on, there are good things ahead.

Let's start with the magical moment when Yoshi-P took the stage:



That second when his silhouette appeared on the screens... my heartbeat went from 70 to 200 bpm in seconds! I'm pretty sure the crowd and the people watching the stream felt the same way! All in all, the keynote was spectacular and it feels so good to say 'samurai', 'Othard' and 'Doma' aloud. Let's shout those words from the rooftops together!

I met a lot of super cool people during the weekend, shared a lot of laughs and most of all - shared the love for FFXIV.

Even the twins found their grandfather!



Plenty of carnival games were won and lost! I had the privilege to try out and show some of them on the live stream as well.



Let's talk about the stage event! Remember the time when... Nobuo Uematsu and Masayoshi Soken wore MATCHING BOWS?!


... Or when Benyamin Nuss and Susan hit us right in the feels?


Everything was so much fun, it all went by too fast!



And as a cherry on top... The Primals rocked our socks off (even Yoshi-P's it seems)!



The European Fan Fest might be officially over - and call me a ball of emotions but - these are the memories and friendships that will last through the years.

If a picture is worth of 1000 words, how much is a video worth? Check out our recap video of the Fan Fest weekend below!

With love and giggles,


P.S. There are recap pictures on the way to the official Fan Festival site - please look forward to it! And, you can still buy the archived live stream if you want to experience the weekend and get the bonus in-game items!