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Greetings, everyone!
Bayohne here, excited to bring you details on the upcoming THE FAR EDGE of FATE: FINAL FANTASY XIV Original Soundtrack releasing on June 7!

This is the seventh release of a soundtrack or arrangement album over the course of four years! Sound Director Soken and his team should probably get some rest!

Then again, we do have Stormblood coming. Sorry Soken! (See, he looks so energetic!)

Now, let's take a look at a selection of songs you'll be hearing from the 50 tracks included from Patch 3.2 through 3.5 Part 2!

Alexander: Midas

Alexander: The Creator




The Shadow of Mhach Series

Edda <3

Track #50 - "Scale and Steel"

The name of this final track was kept secret before Patch 3.5 Part 2, as we didn't want to give too many hints at the battle between (You've all finished that right...?).......Shinryu and Omega.

All first print copies include a code for a Wind-up Nidhogg minion!

As a bonus, the live performances from the FINAL FANTASY XIV FAN FESTIVAL 2017 in Tokyo are included! You'll be able to enjoy THE PRIMALS, as well as performances by Keiko and Susan.

And Soken's "four-handed piano performance" is also included!

We're not done yet! As a bonus track, we also included 5.1ch Orchestra version of Scale and Steel! Enjoy the music of the realm in 5.1ch audio!

Visit the The Far Edge of Fate Soundtrack Site for details, music samples, and more!

Please listen forward to it!

- Bayohne
Community Team