Hamamatsu FATE Complete

Greetings, everyone!

Bayohne here with a report on the recent "FATE in HAMAMATSU" event that the team in Japan held over the weekend! These "FATE" events are a series of touring events that visit the various cities in Japan, and host things like gaming areas, merchandise sales, meet & greet opportunities and so forth! Take a look at some photos of what the attendees were able to experience!

Here's a look at the Warriors of Light anxiously waiting for the Letter from the Producer LIVE to start!

Yoshida was joined by Art Director Hiroshi Minagawa!

■ Gaming Area
The attendees tackled Susano (normal) at the event! I'm sure these Warriors of Light didn't have any trouble!

■ Developer Signing Area (Do not feed!)

■ Carbuncle Origami Area
The carbuncle origami challenge first debuted at the Hamburg media tour, and was said to be "extremely difficult"! Both Yoshi-P and Minagawa gave up on it soon after this photo was taken...

■ Art Area
The attendees were challenged to draw FFXIV-related things from memory, without looking them up. Check out the results!

■ "Real Treasure Hunt" Capsule Machines

■ The Latest "Dev. Team Message Board"
The team places these sign boards in their dev. area so they can always be reminded of the encouragement from the players.

We also debuted an E3 recap video! Take a look at some of the excitement of video form!

Everyone really wants to get ahold of Yoshi-P's new t-shirt (for various reasons).

- Bayohne
Community Team