Shanghai-quality Cosplay

Hi there, adventurers!
Sicycre here, and today we'll be going a bit more in-depth on the cosplay that Zhexos showed briefly in last week's blog post about China's first Fan Festival!

As we saw in Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Las Vegas, the Fan Festival is an excellent time to see the creativity of fans all over the world, especially through the art of cosplay. I'm super excited to see some of the amazing outfits adventurers have crafted for China's Fan Festival!

Let's take a look at the contestants from the cosplay competition!

We've seen some AMAZING cosplay from the main stage, but we definitely don't want to leave out those strutting their stuff on the show floor!

Remember that Scathach earlier...?

Look at those shadow limbs...pretty sure Shadowspin wiped this party.

Time and again, FINAL FANTASY XIV fans' attention to detail is always amazing to see and China maintaining that awesome cosplay creativity is definitely inspiring.

I truly hope that all of you continue to craft amazing cosplay and show your love for these characters even more in the future!

Hopefully next time, I can join in on this creativity and pose alongside some amazing cosplayers at the next Fan Festival. IRL group pose party anyone?!

Thanks for viewing these fantastic cosplay with me and I hope to see you all equipped with various outfits at other events around the world!

- Sicycre
Community team