Popping a shop up!

Last weekend, from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th November, Square Enix Europe hosted a Pop-up Experience at Covent Garden in London! All the numbered FINAL FANTASY titles were there, including our favourite - not that we're biased - FINAL FANTASY XIV!

For three days, FINAL FANTASY fans could visit the Pop-up store and try out their favourite FF games, buy some super cool (and exclusive!) merchandise and meet some like-minded people!



But let's talk about what went on after the doors closed at the Pop-up Experience, and an Exclusive Evening with our very own Yoshi-P began. The amount of people who wanted to take part in the evening was overwhelming but, due to the event being very exclusive and having limited space, we were only able to give out 50 tickets to 50 lucky players.

The grandmaster of FFXIV opened the evening:


Seeing as attendees had sent us lots of questions they wanted to ask the Producer & Director, he decided to host a Q&A session! Lots of important questions were asked, fun answers were offered and, lots of laughs were enjoyed by everyone. (Did you know Yoshida-san took his time [14 hours] clearing Omega Deltascape V3.0 Savage only with PUGs and the Party Finder? And when he finally cleared it, everyone in the party was a first-timer clearing it! How cool is that?!)

Of course there was also a signing session, because who doesn't want to get something signed by Yoshida-san? Players brought all kind of things like soundtracks, artbooks, plushies, hoodies and much more. Some even printed out screenshots of their FFXIV characters and got that signed! As this evening was very exclusive, the select few could also get a photograph with Yoshi-P.



We also had a selfie stick! And of course, Yoshi-P had to take a selfie with the Warriors of Light!


Until next time!

EU Community Team

P.S. You can check out the Pop-up Experience's website here!

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