Welcome to the Happiest Place on Hydaelyn

Hello, everyone!

Zhexos here. In the past we've shared some stories about the bugs we encounter during the development phase. There was that one time where all the monsters transformed into Midlander males, or where a certain sound effect in Alexander: The Kweh-ator (Savage) magically changed into something kweh-zy.

This time around, I present to you... (drum roll)

Carbuncle Land! (The Happiest Place on Hydaelyn!)

They weren't exposed to bright light, we made sure they didn't get wet, and we certainly didn't feed them after midnight, but somehow they multiplied! This bug caused the NPCs to multiply whenever you logged out and logged back in during our command mission runs.

Look at all those cute carbuncles! I'll just take them home with me...

Cecily seems a bit concerned though, perhaps I should reconsider... maybe she's worried about the amount of gil it would cost to feed them all.

However, that wasn't the only issue! Not only did it multiply the carbuncles, it also multiplied their masters as well!

With this many squadron members, I could probably start my own company by repeating this process! Just think about how much company seals we would have to pay to run one command mission with this many members...

This bug happened two weeks before Patch 4.1 went live, and was fortunately fixed in one day. I say fortunately, but I still want to take home a squadron of carbuncles...

In Patch 4.2 adventurer squadrons will be receiving an update, and it looks like we're going to be able to take them to three additional dungeons! I'll keep it a surprise, so you all can try and figure out which ones it'll be!


We've also been told that the squadron's AI has been adjusted as well, so they may change their fighting style?

Patch 4.2 is scheduled to land in late January, so please look forward to it!

Community Team

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