Presenting the Piano Collections

Throughout the years, we've released a number of albums celebrating the music of FINAL FANTASY XIV. From original soundtracks, to band arrangements by THE PRIMALS, the music of Hydaelyn has been brought to life in so many ways. Our music loving fans are always looking for more, and a piano arrangement has been long requested, so without further ado...

We're pleased to announce the Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XIV!


This stunning cover art was designed specifically for this equally stunning compilation of songs.

The collection will include piano tracks found on "From Astral to Umbral" and "Duality", and also includes brand-new tracks that were recorded just for the album.

The songs were arranged and are performed by renowned pianist Keiko, who has performed at a number of live FINAL FANTASY XIV concerts, such as the Eorzean Symphony and at numerous Fan Festivals!



* We grabbed a few snaps of Soken and Keiko during a brief break. Soken, why are you hiding Keiko from us!?

The album is set to release on March 6, 2019 and is available for pre-order now!

The music team set out to challenge themselves with this album in order to capture something special and mesmerizing for any listener, and we're so excited to share it with you. Be sure to pre-order your copy today!

Until next time,

- Luxpheras
Community Team

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