FFXIV Fan Gathering: Scotland Edition

Hello adventurers!

Lakukisu here, super excited to tell you about the FFXIV Fan Gathering we had in Scotland on Saturday!

Everyone got together in Sloans, in the heart of Glasgow and we had the whole ballroom all to ourselves (although, there was no dancing)!


It goes without saying that there were cupcakes! This time featuring the good boys - Odder Otters and Namazus. (But in all honesty, all of our minions are good boys!)


We also played FFXIV style "Who Am I?" again! Every time we play this game, you adventurers come up with the craziest and funniest things. One really needs to think outside the box to be able to guess their new identity when the sticker on their forehead says "Nhaama" or "Depressed Snowman in Coerthas"!

IMG_3452.JPG(Lakukisu and Xuquanidi trying to guess who they are. Picture by Tuhis)

Here's the basic idea, in case you don't know how this game works. First you pick any name from FFXIV (It can be anything as long as it's related to FFXIV), and write that name down on a sticker, then stick it on your friend's forehead. Next, they need to ask you questions that can only be answered with a simple "yes" or "no" answer and use the information they get to guess who they are.

We even had cosplayers at the Fan Gathering! Obviously that required some photo shoots!

miqote edited.jpg

haurchefant edited.jpg

Oh no, Haurchefant... not again! T.T

Photo 16-03-2019, 20 57 31.jpg

Our first ever Fan Gathering in Scotland was definitely a blast! Thank you so much to everyone who joined - you made the evening memorable!

Photo 16-03-2019, 23 42 32.jpg

Until next time, see you in Hydaelyn!

P.S. Did you know that regular cat physics apply to miqo'te as well? If there's an empty box, a nearby miqo'te will inexorably be drawn to sit in it.

Photo 16-03-2019, 21 00 24.jpg

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