Dressed to Claw

Greetings everyone!

Solo ranked play for The Feast makes its return tomorrow, with season 13!

The Feast Regional Championships gave the community a glimpse of competitive play with many intense matches across our 3 regions. We've seen a lot of players new to the Feast in particular watch and comment on the matches! We're sure a lot of them will be giving it a try now.

What's a ranked season without new rewards though, right? Let's take a look!


A brand new set of gear will be the ranking reward this time. And of course, you can dye them! They certainly look armed and ready.


The ranking rewards are available to the top 100 players, but we also have other ranked tier rewards starting at Bronze. If you're interested in trying out the Feast, we recommend checking out our Feast guide which includes gameplay and a look into the ranking system.

*Season thirteen ranking rewards is planned to be distributed after the 5.0 early access.

Looking forward to seeing new faces out in the fray!

- Ridrina
Community Team