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Crafting & Gathering Guide

Master a variety of actions, and carve out a name for yourself as an artisan!

In addition to existing martial classes, you may also choose to become a Disciple of the Hand—one who synthesizes new items from materials on hand—or a Disciple of the Land—one who harvests Eorzea's natural resources from the field.

Becoming proficient in one of these disciplines will help you acquire or create new items to aid you on your journeys.

Disciplines of the Hand

Disciples of the Hand deal in the creation of all manner of items, from battle gear and medicine to food and furnishings.

There are a total of eight disciplines you may choose from, and each specializes in a different product. Blacksmiths, for example, are skilled in metalwork, while culinarians can create delicious cuisine.

Disciplines of the Land

Disciples of the Land are master gatherers of Eorzea's rich natural resources. In the wild, they may find precious metals, fresh ingredients, and other useful items—even the occasional treasure map.

There are three Disciplines of the Land to choose from: the miner, who specializes in rare ores; the botanist, who gathers plants and herbs; and the fisher, who reels in fresh catches from rivers and oceans.