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Joe's Tuednesday Stuff, 5/14 - 5/15


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So, a mostly dead Gems of War stream this morning, pretty much the total opposite of yesterday, with only Delcun coming by and hanging out.

But anyway, for the stream itself it was typical Tuesday. Started off with some PvP in the red kingdom before the reset. After the reset, I did the usual dailies, followed by the weekly Faction Assault. And this was a bad one. I HAD to craft the weapon instead of purchasing it with gems in the event shop, which is heavily frowned upon (gems are an easier currency to come by than crafting mats), because one, this is a bad faction to be assaulting, one of the worst in the game. And two, I got a lot of shit to do today, especially this morning. So, the sooner I get this done, the better. Jumped back into PvP afterwards, this time farming in the purple kingdom, since it's blood frenzied today. And I'm currently in 1st place again! Just like last week, although it remains to be seen whether or not it stays this way. So, here's hoping.

And for weekly Pinball, it sucked. Royally! Especially the Pinball FX3's weekly matchup league. Bad tables, combined with my poor skill this time around, made it VERY difficult just to get out of the red. And for randos, I did a couple - And I even beat a high score. How about that! - but called it off, as I was still playing pretty shittyly. Had other stuff to do as well.

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Decided to give Summoner's War another go. Played a bit more after yesterday's video. It's not too bad once you get into it, mechanically anyway (there's stuff that still sucks about the game though).

Finished up watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. What a movie! Definitely one of the best I've watched in a while. :D>


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So, a decently okay Gems stream this morning, better than yesterday. With Delcun and djscrew361 coming by at first. weirdness_is_good dropped by towards the latter part of my stream. They all helped postpone the inevitable today, as I had next to no sleep last night from a bunch of bullshit happening at once (sinus problems, construction noise, and various other stuff).

But, for the session, I started with the usual PvP before the reset in the same place I was in yesterday (purple w/ blood frenzy kingdom). Got all the dailies donezies afterwards, after which I went straight back into more PvP...... which, this time, it was in the Giant kingdom, since it's blood frenzied today. I actually had a decent team this time, able to really put in some work. And I'm still in 1st place. And like last week, I'm currently on pace to keep it that way. Fingers crossed!

And later on I did a short test stream of Summoners War. Well, it's streamable, but not by much (gets kinda laggy at times). I'd probably stream it if I had nothing else going on, but that's about it.

Started watching a movie called The Truman Show, a unique take on reality TV. Pretty good so far. About 30-odd minutes in. It's nice to see Jim Carrey in a role where he's not being a silly goofball (a la Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber, to name but a few). Man, that shit got old and tired! I'll probably keep watching this a bit longer until I have to lay down......

Last minute addition, just before posting this blog:

....unless of course they're doing highway construction work literally RIGHT NEXT TO MY APARTMENT COMPLEX!! So, got rudely awakened - I call it the "Shake n' Wake" lol - a couple hours into my sleep. So, not much point in laying back down until later, when HOPEFULLY they'll have stopped for the night. Hopefully. So, I'll probably just keep playing Summoners War a bit, and maybe watch some more Truman Show as well. Sheesh!

So, that's that on that. The workweek has started up once again *sigh* So, <Take care>, everyone. And have yourselves a good night/day. ;)>

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