The origins of this nightmarish combination of lion, goat, and dragon have been furiously debated. Some deem the creature a cruel jest of the gods, while others believe it the twisted creation of forbidden sorcery.


These predatory quadrupeds are feared for their unrivaled savagery. In the same manner as its close cousin, the coeurl, the torama subdues its prey by unleashing electrical shocks from the two whip-like appendages that frame its fang-lined jaws.


Golems are magical constructs of clay or stone that have been imbued with temporary life. Ancient tomes claim that the creation of these beings is only possible when the laws of nature are weakened by the chaotic influence of an Umbral calamity.


While commonly considered to be a variety of ancient golem, the exact nature of these hulking suits of animated armor is unknown. One theory suggests that they once clad men, and that the original wearer's soul lingered on after death, doomed to spend the afterlife in a prison of steel.


The enigmatic mandragora were first observed in the aftermath of the Seventh Umbral Era. It is not known whence they came, or if they even existed prior to the Calamity. There are those who insist that the diminutive seedkin are sentient, but further research is required to confirm such speculation.


The wyvern is a sinuous scalekin that cuts swiftly through the air on large, membranous wings. A less-imposing relative of dragons, wyverns often serve as frontline troops in the endless assault on the fortifications of Ishgard.


The beautiful, vibrant coloration of this scalekin's feathers are a natural indication of its venomous nature. Infamous for supplementing physical attacks with poisonous breaths, it is also capable of impressive bursts of speed, owing to its muscular legs and the purchase afforded by its sharp talons.


The cyclops dwell in the western parts of Abalathia's Spine, and are immediately recognizable by the single eye that dominates their broad faces. Though thickly muscled and possessed of prodigious strength, these dim-witted creatures are often enslaved and used as shock troops by the more cunning beast tribes.