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MT/OT coop, Heart of Stone rules.

I had a great day yesterday but Im gonna talk about a rare event I had in trial roulette first.

Its that trial with Susano-o. He's one of those few bosses that have an actual tank buster and whats known as an auto attack tank buster. That being said he plows through tanks in short order. Basically in normal mode he might require tank swapping.

Right after Stormsplitter - the actual tank buster, he tells me take over because he's used all his CD and he was surely gonna die to the auto tb coming up. I turn on my stance, provoke and get nailed by the auto tb right away loool. For the "I will grow to an immense size for no apparent reason" phase, he tells me that he will handle the "sword that go big for no reason other than usual story mode boss stuff" and I oblige and handle the "preview to Copied Factory first boss purple balls of death".

Im thinking he wants to MT again, so I drop stance, but he didnt have his up, I think he couldnt find time to type because this is when the boss drops markers and purple line aoes all over the place, sp his way of talking to me was turning his stance on and fighting next to me, alright you got this. I wish I had Heart of Stone to soften the auto tb and Stormsplitter but I just kept aurora up on him /hates losing skills to level sync.

Speaking of Heart of Stone...

That mnk boss...I dont remember the dungeon name, boss name was something like Courelfist.


This guy was going for ultimate troll move, so I put on brutal shell and shot Heart of Stone (i dont know if shell is applied to others at level 70, I just set this up out of instinct) at the healer who survived with 6 FREAKING HP @_@.
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