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The Ultimate Cross-Class Skill List!

Revised on 5/30/14

Pro Tip: LEVEL ALL CLASSES TO LEVEL 8-12 EARLY ON. You get a ton of skills in the early levels.

NOTE: This does not include Trait effects, as Trait bonuses don't carry over to off classes.

Skill Unlocking
BRD = ARC 34, PUG 42, LCN 34
PLD = GLD 34, CNJ 34, MRD 26
DRG = LCN 34, MRD 26, PUG 42
WAR = MRD 26, GLD 34, PUG 42
MNK = PUG 42, LCN 34, MRD 34
WHM = CNJ 34, ACN 34, THM 26
BLM = THM 26, ARC 34, ACN 34
SMN = ACN 34, THM 26, ARC 34
SCH = ACN 34, CNJ 34, THM 26

"All Classes / All Melee / All Mages" does NOT include job limitations. See above list for those.

~~~ M E L E E ~~~


Lvl 2. Straight Shot- Damage and Crit Rate +10%. Melee Only.
Lvl 3. Raging Strikes- Damage + 20% (including DoT) ALL CLASSES
Lvl 6. Venomous Bite- Powerful DoT with short duration. Melee Only.
Lvl 26. Hawk's Eye- Dex + 15%, Attacks never miss. ALL CLASSES
Lvl 34. Quelling Strikes- Reduces Emnity Gain. ALL CLASSES.


Lvl 4. Savage Blade- Damage and Increases Emnity. Melee Only.
Lvl 8. Flash- AoE Emnity Gain. Uses MP. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 10. Convalescence- Increases all healing by 20%. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 22. Provoke- Steals highest Emnity level. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 34. Awareness- Nulls enemy crit damage. ALL CLASSES.


Lvl 2. Feint- Damage + Slow. All Melee.
Lvl 6. Keen Flurry- Parry Rate + 50%. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 22. Invigorate- Restores 300 TP. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 34. Blood For Blood- 20% dmg buff but with 25% Dmg Gained. ALL CLASSES.


lvl 2. Foresight- Def + 20% Buff. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 4. Skull Sunder- Damage and increase Emnity. All Melee.
Lvl 6. Fracture- A standard DoT skill. All Melee.
Lvl 8. Bloodbath- All Melee have HP Drain effect. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 26. Mercy Stroke- High-Damage move that heals on a kill. ALL CLASSES.


Lvl 4. Featherfoot- Evade + 15%. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 8. Second Wind. Non-magic Instant Self-Heal. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 10. Haymaker- Slow + Attack useable after a dodge. All Melee.
Lvl 12. Internal Release- Crit Rate + 10%. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 42. Mantra- Cure Magic + 5% AoE. ALL CLASSES.

~~~ M A G I C ~~~


Lvl 2. Cure- Basic Heal Spell. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 3. Aero- Elemental DoT. All Mages.
Lvl 8. Protect - Defense Buff to party. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 12. Revive- Allows Revive outside of battle. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 34. StoneSkin- Def Buff that acts like Overheal. ALL CLASSES.


Lvl 8. Surecast.- Guarantees an uninterrupted cast. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 12. Blizzard II- Low damage AoE that causes Bind. All Mages.
Lvl 26. Swiftcast.- Allows for a single insta-cast. ALL CLASSES.


Lvl 1. Ruin. Useless off-class Damage Skill. NOBODY.
Lvl 4. Physick. Cure with a different animation. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 12. Virus- STR and DEX Debuff. ALL CLASSES.
Lvl 34. Eye For an Eye- Single Person Buff that causes dmg debuffs when attacked. ALL CLASSES.
Comments (30)

Crevan Azure

Moogle (Chaos)

What a handy post.
Thank you for the information!

Taaku Shilamont

Balmung (Crystal)

Pretty nice~

Nisroc Arkadian

Balmung (Crystal)


Artlis Strey

Balmung (Crystal)

Lol at Ruin.

December Moon

Ragnarok (Chaos)

Physick is good cause can be used by BLM.

Aelgaras Gyrstoke

Ragnarok (Chaos)

Eye of an Eye is usable by all classes apparently (the tooltip says so, at least)

Claire Lockheart

Ragnarok (Chaos)

QUESTION!: with cross class abbilities for Jobs IE: Monk, do you only get the basic abbillity, or if you have the upgraded version as trait, do you get that too?

Pain'au Chocolat

Lamia (Primal)

This is pretty cool; one thing to note, the Blood for Blood skill on Lancer is gained at level 34. Just trying to help :D

Cosmic Inquisitor

Coeurl (Crystal)

Ruin isn't useless. It's acctully useful for an Arcanist because most of the elements don't acctully do anything to begin with aside from applied stat damage with effect.

As in, there is no wheel of elements.

This comment has been deleted.

Revoo Uniaa

Gilgamesh (Aether)

Isnt MNK => MRD 34 instead of PLD 34?



This character has been deleted.

this list isnt right, dont know what u updated but not a lot here is correct.

Foreaux Albatross

Balmung (Crystal)

Ruin's useless as a cross-class skill; that is, it provides no significant benefit to any class other than ACN. It's a solid skill when not used cross-class.

Revoo, you're correct, edited.

My source was from the FF14 Database. Specific numbers may change with patches(ex- Mantra's potency lowering to 5%) but the effects should stay the same.

Foreaux Albatross

Balmung (Crystal)

And by "ACN", I mean ACN/SCH/SMN, to clarify.

Averil Witte

Adamantoise (Aether)


Winsley Puffletruff

Famfrit (Primal)

can somebody help me make sense of this post? i am just trying to figure out how to cross classes, i am Lvl 15.

Kanzashi Sarashiki

Phoenix (Light)

Thanks a lot , quick question if i unlock one of the skills for one class will it automatically go to the other class im able to use it on ?

Morgan Grimes

Phoenix (Light)

So does this mean if i get conjurer to lvl2 i can use cure for every job i have at lvl2?

Foreaux Albatross

Balmung (Crystal)

If you unlock a skill on one Class/Job, it's immediately unlocked on all Classes/Jobs that can use that skill, regardless of level. A level 10 LCN can use Stoneskin from a lvl 34 CNJ, and so forth. Please note that Job Crystals (at lvl 30) apply cross-class skill restrictions based on each Job. A DRG cannot use Stoneskin, but a SCH or PLD could. For a list of what Jobs can use what, see my list at the top. It also has the minimum levels of each associated Class to unlock all skills for that Job!

Foreaux Albatross

Balmung (Crystal)

For those just starting out, 1.)you need to first level up a class to unlock a cross-class skill. It should tell you what skills are usable by what classes in the skill's description. Then 2.) on the class you want to use it on, check your cross-class skill tab on the Skills and Abilities menu and equip it! You unlock more cross-class skill slots as you level up.

Scar Ishvala

Gilgamesh (Aether)

Archer isn't... Melee... Melee means close quarters combat and archer is ranged. Come on dude.

Antarran Rouge

Midgardsormr (Aether)

Mechanics dictate that Archer/Bard is melee. Sure, we can call it ranged melee, but it's melee nonetheless.

V'aerith Tehmeow

Adamantoise (Aether)

Is this guide still relevant with the latest patches? I see that it was last edited 5/30/14. Thanks.

Zyan Lannister

Zalera (Crystal)

I don't see lvl 3 Aero (Conjurer) in my list of skills. All I have as a level 15 Conjurer that I can use as a cross class skill for my paladin is; Cure, Revive & Protect.

Girbaud Wagner

Famfrit (Primal)

Scar Ishvala, I believe the melee tag on the archer skills is saying that it's a skill suited for melee classes, since there is seldom a reason for a caster to be close enough to engage in any physical attacks.

Though, why skills like marauder's fracture are listed as all classea dn not melee only leads to more confusion.

Gaz Irken

Lamia (Primal)

Huge help! Thank you for posting this! :)

Zezera Ararra

Leviathan (Primal)

Just wanted to toss this out there but ROG is the same as BRD for cross class skills.

Kindread Palathis

Leviathan (Primal)

Just wanted to note here that I use this page frequently and have it Favorited. Thanks for posting this!



This character has been deleted.

*blows the dust off and necro posts*



This character has been deleted.

Thanks! :) Makes things a lot easier for me after coming back from a 2 year hiatus! :D

Priti Confetti

Leviathan (Primal)

This is great; Thanks!
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