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Own Goal! Match 3

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with this game. It contains all sort of spoilers and controversial materials. So read at your own risk.

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Match 3: Business As Usual

As long as the human history exists, war exists. If there is no world war, then there are minor conflicts here and there. There really not a time goes by where the entire world is truly at peace. People fight for all sort of reasons, mostly bad. However, if you are unfortunately got dragged into a conflict, it is a good idea to get out alive. Ideally you can run away, or negotiate, if not, you have to beat whoever in front of you.

So weapons are invented to give us advantage to a fight. Of course, the other side is not dumb. If we bring weapon, so will they. As we try to invent more powerful weapon, so will they. Eventually, we end up with weapon that only require one button press and the other side will blow up. The other side has it too. So we both hit that button and both of us blow up.

It is better to negotiate. Not because we are right or they are right. It maybe a different in opinion in a way that is totally not reconcilable. Maybe sometimes we need to yield to an unreasonable degree, or they have to. We don't negotiate for what is right, but for the love of our own life.

However, peace comes with its problem. For many years, people invest in money to build better and better weapon. Suddenly you tell them that we don't have to fight, and so they are out of work, their business have to close. We are talking about a trillion dollar business and very wealthy people with a lot of power here. In order for them not to go out of business, we have to create situations where their weapons are still needed.

In the past weapons were created to fight wars. Now, wars are created to keep weapon manufacturers from going out of business.

Of course, creating war is easy. There are plenty of discontent here and there. All you need is to fend some flame and make it bigger. Start some colour revolutions or civil war and sell some weapons there. Well, the neighbouring countries feel unsafe? No worries, they can come buy some weapon to fend themselves too.

Feeling at ease about the world? Please don't. We can find you some reasons to be paranoid. After all, paranoia is good for business.

US spent $5.8 trillions in just Afghanistan over 20 years. Does Afghanistan ever stand a chance to match on the American soil in the first place? Does Afghanistan get a different government that is pro-western value after these 20 years? How many people in the west actually got inspired by the Afghan's tradition and want it for their own countries?

None of these are the real purpose. This war is a $5.8 trillion revenue for the military and their associates. It is a huge success in the business point of view.

Look, we just spent $60 billion on Ukraine. It only started six months ago and will prove to be a good money pot. Well, if it ends too quickly, I am quite sure the congress has a few trillions for Taiwan. The state department is also stirring up something with Iran, to create more business potential there.

If you are in military industry complex, this is nothing short of a gold mine. Be paranoid and live in fear, it is very good for business.

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