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Own Goal! Match 10

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with this game. It contains all sort of spoilers and controversial materials. So read at your own risk.

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Match 10: Be Jeff

Some years ago, there was a mass shooting in US. I think it was in Santa Barbara, of which the shooter complained about his struggle in getting girlfriend. It was when the "incel culture" came up in a lot of news media. It said that somehow these supposedly "nice guys", despite all their excellent human traits, there is no girl like them, so they take the "black pill" and go around killing people they don't even know.

Make sense? I wonder since when killing people is a trait of "nice guy".

Honestly, I have run into a lot of crazy women in the past, but so far I haven't encountered one who like to date mass murderer.

So here is an age old question on how to find a romance partner. Many people thinks it is all down to appearance. Most human being are shallow, so indeed if you are good looking, more people come to you and give you better chance. The problem is, your appearance are mostly generically determined. Sure, there are plastic surgery around, but they are costly. Things like your height, your bone structure aren't something you can change easily. Remember the children story of which an ugly ducking grow into a beautiful swan? How? It is because the biological parents of this ugly ducking are in fact, swans. Otherwise, ugly ducking will just grow up to be an ugly duck.

When you grow up, you are likely to look like the average of your parents. Tell me, are your parents super models?

This is just biology.

Fortunately, there are countless example of ugly men being very popular with women. You have to look no further than the ex-UK PM, Boris Johnson. Forget about handsome, just how many men can manage to look worse than him? Yet, he has many affairs and was known to fathered 7 kids with different women already.

Boris is not alone. Donald Trump married four times and has visited prostitutes like Stormy Daniel. Is he good looking in any measure? If Trump is not bad enough, how about the she-told-me-she-was-18-bunga-bunga-parties organizer Silvio Berlusconi?

So if you have not won the generic lottery, the next best move is the be rich. If you aren't born rich, maybe you should be working your ass off to make some money. Sure, not every women fall for money. But on the other hand, you have to wonder what kind of woman is attracted men who are ugly, poor, lazy and self entitled? Imagine if you were a woman, who just get out of college and get a job to take care of yourself. Now you meet this guy who live in his mom's basement making barely minimal wages and can't do house work. So you want a relationship with him so you can take care of him, and if you have his kid, you can take care of his kid too? Like, as if you really have nothing else better to do with your life?

The whole idea of being a Chad is overrated. People should aim to be a Jeff (Bezeos). If you don't like Bezos, you can aim to be Elon, be Bill, be Mark (Zuckerburg). Whe you have money, all sort of things come along. Not everyone can be a billionaire, but thanks to inflation, now being a millionaire is not the far fetched.

Here is my black pill for you: Be Jeff. Work hard and make money. Nothing is more beautiful than owning a home that no one can kick you out, never have to worry about where your next dinner coming from, have money in your savings for all sort of emergencies. When you are rich, you can hire the like of Stormy Daniel for your service, find your 5th wife from one of those eastern/central European hell hole countries, go to that bunga-bunga party or get whoever that dumb British woman to have your 8th kid. In fact, 2022 is the golden time for the like of you. There is a war going on and the Ukrainian government conscript men to fight while many of the women left. You wonder there is no human trafficking problem there even when the news media try not to report them. It is definitely not everybody, but there are plenty of women there looking for help and protection. It should be an easy picking, unless, you manage to be someone worse than a human trafficker.

Oh well.

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