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Own Goal! Match 11

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with this game. It contains all sort of spoilers and controversial materials. So read at your own risk.

Table of content for this series can be found here.

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Match 11: Freebies

Imagine for a moment that you were an entrepreneur. You borrowed money from the bank and used it to buy a plot of land, built a factor, bought machinery, hire workers, and ready to produce goods. Ideally there is a healthy market for the good you produce, and with each product you sell, you make some money to pay back the loan, your worker and yourself. So you want to produce more and bring in more revenue.

Of course, it is not always possible for a factory to run in full capacity because there may not be market demand on your product. Even if your product is popular, there is labour law, maintenance, safety issue that limit how much your factor can run.


For most of the western countries, we are moving to green energies like solar power, wind power, hydro. There is an appeal to it, because those energy sources are almost free. Obviously, there is cost to setup. Your solar panels cost money, wind tribune costs money. Most companies will tell you that once you get them setup, then you can reap the free energy the sun, wind and water can provide.

Sadly, it is only partially true.

For example with solar power, the solar panel doesn't generate electricity in rainy day and cloudy day. Well, life goes on whether it is a sunny day or not. You play FFXIV regardless of weather and your router and computer needs electricity. Where are those electricity comes from when the sun isn't shinning? Well, hopefully the wind is blowing and you get electricity from the wind turbine. What if the wind speed is low at the same time? Ultimately, you need power station that use traditional fuel, like gas, coal, nuclear as last resort, in case all your green/free energy resources don't work.

Basically, you have to build a power station that say use natural gas as fuel. However, most of the day it won't be in operation, because the sun is shinning, the wind is blowing and lake with hydro power is not dry. Then, ever now and then, when sun isn't shinning, or wind is not blowing or lake water level is low, you need to switch on that power station to subsidize the missing power. If this power station doesn't exist, then you are looking for a weather dependent rolling blackout

In a capitalist society, you need to find an entrepreneur or company, who will go to the bank to borrow some money, buy a plot of land, build a power station, buy generators, connect to the grid, stock up on fuels, and hire some engineers. Then, just let it sit around doing nothing most of the time. This is obviously not economical, unless you get paid a ridiculous sum of money for the short time your power stations produce power, that it is enough to cover the fix cost for it to exist all year around. Or, there has to be government subsidies. If it is the former, the it is you the user who pay for the high electricity price that is high enough to support the existence of a mostly idle power station. If it is the latter, it is your tax money that fund this subsidies.

Either way, it is still money from your pocket.

Of course, in reality no one build a brand new power station as a pure auxiliary resources. Usually power generators has spare capacity, or additional cycle that you can push. Or you can have neighbouring countries or states that is not affect by the same weather problem you are having, to provide you with short term supply of energy. It is all possible, but all of these come at a cost. Because of the unpredictability nature of renewables, there is a need for backup sources which can be costly to setup and maintain.

There are a lot of reasons to switch to green energies. However, it may not be as free as it advertised.

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Comments (1)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Honestly, natural energy is a joke right now.

Solar depends on the sun's availability, and those panels are damn expensive to install

Wind depends on the wind, but not TOO much wind! Those turbines can easily break if the wind overwhelms them, so gotta place them in the RIGHT places!

Water depends on rain and water levels. If weather conditions are causing droughts then you are KIND of out of luck.

Battery power is too inefficient for long term use. The tech is not there yet for mainstream
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