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Own Goal! Match 12

Disclaimer: This blog has nothing to do with this game. It contains all sort of spoilers and controversial materials. So read at your own risk.

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Match 12: Meet the Iceberg

In recent years, a lot of Japanese/Korean comics has plot line around reincarnation. The story goes like you get hit by a truck and reincarnate into a fantasy land, or into a game world made real, or into your past. Given that you have knowledge in that world, your past, or way to obtain rare item etc, you basically know what the problem you will encounter and how you can get ahead of it.

A lot of the time, even though the main character is a NEET, or simply have no motivation in life, suddenly put up all these effort they never do in real (old) life become a hero. What an irony it is.

Regardless, for the story sake, imagine you are reincarnation into the past. You find yourself to be a passenger in Titanic. So what are you going to do?

Well, we know how it will end. Logically, if you are not on the ship yet, you don't want to get on it. If you are already on there, you reach for the lifeboat. If you have friends and family who are on, you will try to convince them to join you to save their life. I mean, given you know what happen next, you won't just party along and wait for the ship to actually hit the iceberg and sink down to the Atlantic?

Imagine for a moment that instead of getting on the Titanic. You are on a spaceship instead. The spaceship is going to crash, so ideally you plan your escape. The problem is, it is not clear which one is a lifeboat. It is not clear how to operate anything in this sci-fi world. It is not clear if there is an escape or if you are escaping to the right place. Well, what will you do? You go around learning your surrounding, and hopefully you learn something that can help you. I just wonder anyone will just hang around and wait for stuff to blow up.


2022 is the most interesting year I have ever lived. For years we talked about a major shift in the world one day, but I never thought it will happen in my life time. I have never thought I will be witnessing the change as the event unfold. Of course, in all big historical change it comes instability and danger. Witness all you want, but you do need have plans to stay alive.

A lot of things happen these days have been brewed over the years, if not decades. For me, the moment I started to see the writing on the walls was when Ursula von der Lying got on TV and told us that she is banning RT so that it cannot spread Russians' lie. Well, THAT Ursula is trying to protect me from disinformation. This is as reassuring as a convicted paedophile offers to babysit my kids, claiming that he can protect my kid from getting raped by other paedophiles.

Oh, if you were American and do not know why Ursula is, she is basically the German version of Kamala Harris, and probably dumber.

Anyway, at that time I knew immediately what we were getting into. I remember the days when we had the Iraq war. Colin Powell was holding some washing powder claiming it is a chemical weapon. There was a girl who testified in congress claiming that Iraqi soldiers took baby out incubators. It turns out the whole thing was made up and the girl was the daughter of Kuwaiti ambassador to US. Journalists who questioned this narrative were forced out from their job. There were major protests both in US and UK. Peaceful protest never works, no matter how many people you can amass. We went to war anyway. At the end, Iraq was way worse than when Saddam was in charge. Sure, there are much less death on the US side. But there are plenty who served and never come back, and you wonder what is it all for.

Anyway, even if Ursula didn't go about banning RT, it is easy to figure out. When there were tennis tournament banning Russian players. The work from Tchaikovsky and Tokstoy were cancelled from stage if not from school. There were laws in certain country banning Russian language. And people are not allowed to travel to Europe based on their ethnicity? You know, if you replace the word "Russian" with "Jews", one would wonder if this is 1940 Nazi Germany we are talking about here.

One thing I have learnt over the years. We can disagree. We can argue. But when people either trying to silence you or gaslight you, something is really going wrong.

On a personal level, almost all the people I know have no clue what's going on around the world. They are the type who just want to say something to get a few likes or clicks. It becomes very annoying talking to them. Of course, it is a problem I have for a long time. I am just not good at explaining things to others. I actually don't quite know how to talk about things I care. I feel like most of my friendships are a waste of time, because all the time people care about inconsequential stuff.

This is not the only occurrence. Even when I first started playing this game, just to escape other problem I have in real life. Even when I get to join a communities, I just end up in distancing myself from them. I think, deep down I know that at some point everything I got into ends with arguments. Hardly anyone thinks like me, and I can't explain sh#t to others. It is faster to remove myself from those situations before it even occurs.


I think there is a major shift in the world but I really cannot give advice on how to stay afloat. It is not just a recession followed by a recovery. I feel like I am on a spaceship that is going to crash soon, but I am not quite sure how to find and operate that lifeboat. I would like to get find people who I can discuss things with the enlighten me, but there were nobody.

It was what I had in my mind when I started this series. I don't think anybody read this stuff, but at the same time if it doesn't bother you then it doesn't matter if you read any of this. I write because, I am not too sure either, I think I am more annoyed than bored.

In any case, my sub runs out. Maybe we will meet again. Stay safe and take care.

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