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Skysteel Fishing Rod - 5.45 Fish Details

Bait for both fish is the Signature Skyball, as it has been for the past few steps.

This time, you do not need a set number of fish for items, but instead each fish must be caught as a collectable and based on its collectability, you will receive a certain number of materials. Thus, you will need to fish up however many fish it takes to get to what you need. Don't forget to turn on Collectors Glove!

Tier 1 Collectability is 1 Material.
Tier 2 Collectability is 2 Materials.
Tier 3 Collectability is 4 Materials.

Collectability Ratings vary per fish and will be listed below. Fish will be turned into an NPC in The Firmament. No requirement of progression needed for your server.

Papus Tree, Azyz Lla
!! bite, 15s+ window (based on a macro)
This is isolatable, and Fountfish will have a !! bite up to ~14s on a macro.

Collectability Tiers:
126-295: 1 Oddly Delicate Fishing Rod Part
296-304: 2 Oddly Delicate Fishing Rod Parts
305+: 4 Oddly Delicate Fishing Rod Part

You need 200 Oddly Delicate Fishing Rod Parts.

Pickled Pom
Delta Quadrant, Azyz Lla
! bite, 10-18s window (based on a macro)
This is also isolatable.

Collectability Tiers:
62-146: 1 Oddly Delicate Fishing Reel Part
147-151: 2 Oddly Delicate Fishing Reel Parts
151+: 4 Oddly Delicate Fishing Reel Parts.

You need 200 Oddly Delicate Fishing Reel Parts.

In general, it's best to always use Patience II to catch this fish to maximize collectability. Even with high Perception it is likely you will not get max tier collectability every catch. Food is recommended to improve Perception and thus, collectability.

And yes. The relic rod does glow.

5.35 Relic Rod Guide
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Taru Lala

Omega (Chaos)

Thanks a lot ^_^

Ruby Frost

Exodus (Primal)

i love you
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